Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sally Russik - Make a Statement Challenge!

Four times a year Sally will be hosting a 
Creative Jewelry Challenge.
The first being the 
"Statement Necklace"
Statement necklaces could be seen on many 
of the Starlets 
 at this years Oscars.
Hello Red Carpet !
Now to get he perfect dress and shoes.
This Butterfly Bubbly necklace was my back up plan
 to the one I had started.

I was going for a more causal
 statement necklace.
Started off with a porcelain dragon fly pendant.
The image below is what it was going to be... 
with  the pendant in the middle.
It's okay..I guess... a bit typical
Don't get me wrong sometimes typical is all I want.
Could I make it asymmetrical?
I'd need to drill a hole. I've never done that before.
Went online for some how to tips, purchase some diamond drill bits,
then I  jumped right in. It was going well until SNAP!
I broke the pendant....Rrrrr!
So I repaired it as best as I could. 
Other than the fact I know this pendant is now 
less than perfect...
I have to say I like the asymmetrical layout
 much better.
Looking forward to wearing it this this Spring/Summer.

Want to see more statement necklace creations 
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(to be added soon)

Pretty Pallets ~ February

This Sky Portal in New Zealand 
served as the inspiration for this months 
Pretty Pallets Challenge.
How I want to go there and see it for myself!
So Beautiful!
Since I can't right was off to Michael's 
I went.
I found the last two of these green glass faceted rondels.
A plan was forming in my head to use them
for the little bits of sparkle in my piece.
(MSKU  - 10321944)
Knowing that I have a stash of greenish beads
 at home...
I paired them up with theses yellow turquoise beads
to surround...
... this lone Czech pink/purple barrel bead...
A perfect time to use it. 
As well some other misc. gemstones and glass beads. 
Including that Dragon Blood Jasper pendant.
A gift from my Mom's friend Kay.

Almost missed the reveal

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dry Gulch - February challenge.

Stumbled on to this color challenge by
  Dry Gultch from
  Alice Dreaming.
And I'm so glad I did!
With the gray days of winter and it being bitterly cold out.
This color palate just brightens the day!

I'm also thrilled to use up more items from my stash.  
These Fuchsia gem stones and glass beads
were gifted to me.
 The striations remind me of the ice cream/sorbet in the picture
Let's call this piece Organic Frozen Sorbet.
You can check out what others created
 by clicking on this link