Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Shot Some Deer Today!

With my camera that is. I was working in my home office when my husband told me I 'gotta' see this. My bamboo blinds were down but I could see them. I felt giddy like a kid. They are so beautiful. So I got my camera ready and slowly lifted up the blind and took these shots from inside. I think they came out fairly well considering it was through the window and the screen. This was the scene in the backyard just around dusk. My husband seems to think they may be after the bark off of the willow branches. They may have also nibbled off the buds from our sapling fruit trees. But I think they feel safe. It is the first time I can remember in our 10 years of our being out here that we have had this many deer , this close up to the house. Two deer not picture in this group made it safely across the street into another field. Seems they do like to travel along these tree lines.


Debra said...

There it was, your chance at some fresh venison, Ha! Lovely to see so close though.

Her Art Nest said...

They are so neat to see, and yet they can be downright destructive. These little beauties ate all our shrubs last year and again this winter. They ate more than $4,000 worth of landscaping in our neighbors yard, not to mention all my impatiens one time. That surely was a Kodak moment though. Cool pics. ~Nance

Anonymous said...

I love deer. I hate it when people kill them. I think to myself "how can you look into those beautiful, kind brown eyes and shoot them?

It reminds me of Bambi when Bambi's mother told him not to go out beyond the tree line...they almost got shot!!


Mar said...

aren't they beautiful
last night when i was coming home from work
at midnight
in the southeast pasture
which up near the drive into home
was a herd of the lovelies
they weren't the least bit wary of me they continued their snacking...
must have been 30 or more

Lori Anderson Designs said...

Oh gosh, I read the title before seeing the text and photos and wondered, WHAT? Whew!