Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Digi Maries

Played with the collage sheet last night. from Itkupilli's digital collage give away. http://itkupilli.blogspot.com/
Thank You so much Itkupilli.


*iTkUpiLLi* said...

WOW! This is cool, I love it!

Ozstuff said...

It's high time Marie enters the digital age! (Don't know about the high hair though).
I smiled when I read the name of your blog. Are you aware that here in Australia and in England "blooming" or "bloomin'" is used as an adjective for anything and everything? For example "It's none of your bloomin' business".
What a great blog you have. I am very glad I found my way to it. Lotsa scrumptious stuff here.

Terri said...

You know I was aware of that. But since it is not really part of the everyday language here in the states I hadn't thought about it.

I liked Bloomingdales so much that is where some of the inspiration came from.

Thanks for sharing