Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Can't Show You

The beautiful tag I received today. Oh my goodness wait till you get to see this. So for now I will show you the back of the tag as a tease. No way am I going to spoil the surprise for her swap partners. Our deadline to mail them out is the 14 of this month. When I get all 10 of my tags I will make another post.
This tag is a bonus as a result of signing up for the the Marie Antoinette tag swap with Le Vintage. Wondering how that is possible? Let me explain.
As I was putting one of my tags in the mail box for mail pick up tomorrow....there it was just sitting there...the only piece of mail we received today...such a nice surprise! It was one of the Marie Tags.
One of the rules was not to tell our swap partners that we are swapping with them. But I can tell you...this tag was from Deb Abel...because we ended up not being each others swap partner. I can share that much. Which is pretty cool since we will be able to see all of the tags made by all 20 participant's. Up close and personal. We anticipated the possibility of not being on each others swap list. So we made an extra (bonus if you will) Marie Tag for each other. We live fairly close to each other and get together from time to time to create all sorts of art. I know I could of handed mine to her the next time we get together. But it is fun getting things in the mail. Especially when it is not a bill. Thank You Deb, I know your ladies are going to flip over you tags.
Update July 11th:
Okay I think it is safe to reveal Deb's Marie tag now. Since she mailed them out last Monday. I'm pretty sure most of them have theirs by now.


Lisa said...

What a fun idea.. getting goodies in the mail is so exciting!

Thanks for the kind comments Terri!

Anya said...

The tag is lovely :)
Thanks for your visit !!

Hug to Iko
Kareltje =^.^=

Debra said...

Well I don't know if the back is "lovely" but gosh I was really shocked you got it so darn fast. I dropped so much in the mail Monday, Tags, pages for the altered book, and a package for a friend I was "shocked" you got it yesterday. Wait till they see yours though, they put mine to shame!

(p.s. I emailed the hostess and asked her not to include us on each others list. I wanted the "Extra" tag.)

TinyBear said...

What a great idea with that extra tag - can´t wait to see everyones tags. Mine will be posted soon, as they will have some mills to travel :D

Sue said...

Hi Terri,

Thank you stopping by my blog. Now you have me intrigued.......I really want to see the front of that tag. I will have to check back. I have never done a swap, they sound so fun. I will have to try one sometime. Have a great day.

whymsicalmusings said...

I can't wait to see the tags!!!! Waiting is so exhausting:) TEE HEE!


Lynn said...

Sounds like fun Terri :) Quite the teaser you are only showing us the back.... fun though!

Elaine At Home said...

I'm astounded! My tag arrived and I was so amazed at the gorgeous work you did. I absolutely love it. I had to tell you, iit made my day honestly. Being this was my first tag swap, I have now learned a lot, thanks so much for the gorgeous tag. I am going to treasure it and put it front and center in a place where it will be admired and shared.


ANULAL said...


The Rustic Victorian said...

I love tags,,so many creative artists out there doing them,,I am not swapping or in any groups,,just like makeing them. I am glad you are having tag fun too. It keeps the usps in biz. also. haha,,,well thanks for visiting at my blog. I will be back!