Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Card Went to CHA

I didn't make it to the Winter CHA show
 in LA this year but my card did.
To the Greeting Farms Booth.
I sent them this sweet card  that
they selected from some others I had submitted. 
And for doing that they sent me one of 
the Greeting Farm Stamps individual stamps 
of my choice. 
You can see my card in the upper right hand corner 
of this photo that appeared in their recent newsletter!
Thank You Greeting Farms for the privileged 
to be among the many that were selected.
pictured here are
Lisa Hjulberg, Kim Yu, a former Team Anya Guest, and Sparks. 


ANULAL said...

Congrats Tia!!!! way to go..

Sara said...

Congratulations Terri! It is quite an honor to have your card selected and to have so many people have an opportunity to be inspired by your artwork at CHA!