Tuesday, June 28, 2011

June Flower Challenge

The Piece By Piece June Flower challenge
 was for us to make a unique 
trio of flowers with trim, lace or fabric! 
Here is what I'm submitting for this challenge. 
The Lollipop style fabric flowers we cut out using my 
Sizzix circle die.
Stacked and sewn together. and using the 
flame of a candle melted the edges.
What makes these flowers unique is that 
the fabric is from dropped designer fabric books.
allowing only enough fabric for 
one flower per fabric sample.
Thus making each flower a one of a kind.
I have added to my Lollipop style flowers 
a few of the 
Websters page's vintage looking buttons 
with rhinestone centers, some silk leaves,  feathers, 
copper sequin trim and gold bead trim.
Thanks for looking.


ANULAL said...

Nice flowers. Just Wow. They look like chocolate.

Debra said...

Nice flowers Terri.

Caroline said...

Wonderful result... love the colour combinations!

Ronda said...

I'm intrigued by your lollipop flowers, Are they painted? Does your method work only with poly fabric? I'm making a contemporary crazy quilt for my mom and would love trying to make some of these out of the oriental fabric I am using (cotton). Thanks a bunch!

Terri said...

Hi Rhonda.. Thanks so much for visiting my blog...to answer some of your questions...No they are not painted. Yes..the fabric has to have a good percentage of polyester in it for this method to work. Because the heat makes the poly..curl..it will only burn cotton. You can wad up cotton and let it dry like we do with our broom stick skirts...but heating it with a heat gun will alter the color if not burn it. Hope this helps...if you have more questions make sure to e-mail me with your e-mail address instead of corresponding here.