Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fun with Flowers

Made this for a 
 Pin swap over at Creating a Crafty Life.
I chose to make this simple lace flower
to display a set of stick pins in.
Added a rhinestone center and metal flower.
This leaves it alterable for the ladies when they receive it
to change the color of the lace flower
to any that they wish.
 This ribbon flower 
was created for a flower swap over at LSH.
Theme Summer. Since it is now late summer 
I went with these colors.
Tips to make these can be found on You Tube.
Simple, simple, simple.


Caroline said...

They are gorgeous Terri.... although they are simple to make as you said... I think they are beautiful... love the ribbon flower :)

ANULAL said...

Simple, but charming! I loved the white one especially. Super cool! the colour of the second one too remarkable. Late summer colour, wow.
Have a great day Tia, Terri.

Cheryl said...

Ahh I think that the lace flower you makde is lovely. They are all the rage again in the UK. Love them especially if they are on a clip so they can be used on your bag or jacket or even your hair - very pretty - well done!