Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Floral Re-Do

When a clients has cats and little children 
Sometimes the things that you don't want them to play with
 is the very things they can't seem to stay away from.
Somewhere there is a toy desperately seeking his bottom half.
I found it as I was tearing down the arrangement.
Anyway this is the reason why this arrangement  that
 I made and sold over a year ago came back to me for a re-do.
For me a re-do implies using the same material and
 just to fix the damage done by the cats and the little child.
The Interior Designer had an additional request.
Not to make it so "plastic-y" and  
to add something that was "butter-scotchy" in color.
My head is saying, "What!"
I don't make the materials. I just assemble them.
I purchase things that have the most realistic look 
and feel when possible.
She knew that when she purchased it a year ago for her client.
I found her request odd to say the least.
And yes I was irritated.
It took me 4 days to even feel like approaching the project. 
Not to mention I was busy with other commitments.
For me it was no longer a re-do but a redesign. 
To now incorporate some "butter-scotchy" looking plants.
Perhaps I'm limited in my thinking
but the original tropical mix didn't call for this addition.
But what the Designer/customer wants the Designer/customer gets.
Here is the new arrangement.
Photo taken in my floral workshop.


Cheryl said...

I so hear you, a re-do is usually a lot more work than the original thing, but you have done an amazing job and it looks great - good for you to just getting on with it.

whymsicalmusings said...

This truly is stunning! I am sure it is better than the first:)

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog....I created a blog this month and need your personal opinion on what you think of my blog....Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

ANULAL said...

The new work is good too Tia. What I loved the most is the way you began the post. "sometimes the things that you don't want them to play with is the very things they can't seem to stay away from." Beautifully said.