Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who's Up for a Second Serving....

...of Bead Soup that is.
Pictured below is what I sent Sarah 
as a Thank You 
for sending out a second soup.
The first one Sarah sent on the 2nd of July. 
It didn't arrive until the 30th.
Around the week of 23rd  of July
we started thinking it was lost.
So she sent another and 
 to be fair, I sent her a second helping.
We moved our reveal dates too. 
To the 3rd Reveal this Saturday the 25th of August.
Sarah wrote to let me know that her second soup 
arrived and she is very pleased with it.
She also mentioned that she's already 
made a few things for the reveal.
Sounds like we both have just a few 
more things to do and then we'll be ready.


ANULAL said...

WOW! Seems dreamy with all the colour...

Pookledo said...

I can't believe I'm so behind on reading the blogs I subscribe to that this has only just popped up to the top. I guess I've been a bit busy! 600 blog entries to go and I will have caught up.