Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today's Creation

Started on this months ago for the 
Jewelry Stringing magazine 
It just wasn't coming together the way I wanted it.
Needless to say I did not submit it.
 Today I got tired of seeing it laid 
out  on the bead board and some what put together.
I thought of the old  acronym
KISS ... Keep ISimple Sweetie.
(normally we say stupid but I'm tired of beating myself up)
So I took the the triple strand connector off 
the necklace and used it for the bracelet.
The remaining part of the necklace was done.
Just lying there for months... 
as if asking, "when are you going to finish me?"
I just changed the focal I had on it because it was whimpy.
I'm pleased with the change and I am even more pleased
 that  I can now clean up and put back 
all the items I had pulled out to make this.

Feel free to leave a comment
If not thanks for looking.


Kelli Taylor said...

I don't See anything Whimpy goin on here!...I Love the beads...and the arrangement is very old world feel to me...and thats the type of jewelry that intrigues me most...something unusual and original...very nicely done!...BUT...the bracelet IS my Fave!...only cuz it has MORE Stuff...haahahaa...and what Gal doesn't like MORE!!

Terri said...

I do like making it all...earrings, necklaces...but I have to say bracelets are my favorite? I so appreciate your comment! Thanks?

Pearl and Pebble said...

OOOOHHHH Terri! I can't stop looking! These look like something out of a museum!!! Gorgeous:)

Terri said...

Thanks so much Tari! Here is a little more info about these pieces....The Tibetan beads were a gift from my Mom's friend Kay. She is de stashing.... Makes this a special piece to me......I send here pics of the things I make with the items she sends me. This is what she said in an e-mail she recently sent me about these pieces..." good lord you are fantastic...this is beautiful...i remember those tibetan beads but my kids hated them so i never used anything....good for you girl...great job!" She is a very kind and generous lady.
Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is well with you.