Friday, October 17, 2014

Earrings Everyday ~ October Challenge

Marbleized paper is this month inspiration.
 Here are two examples from 
two very talented ladies.
I happen to have some marbleized paper.
It was used to accent art work by a 
Custom framer that I know. 
I did this pencil drawing ages ago
 and had it framed.
I think this piece would be boring with out
the marbleized fillet.
Made this pair of earrings using:
 Recycled earring parts, marbleized paper
Czech rondelles and S.S. ear-wires.
Now the thing is when you get stuff done early 
you have time to see if there is something else you can do.
In this case the large crescent has a blemish.
How much did it bug me? What was I going to do about it?
Well, I made my decision. (about a week later)
I simply could not leave it as is. 
Embossing it seemed to be the right answer,
Added some paints and sanded it 
to expose the metal. There. The blemish is no more.
The earrings look a lot more interesting..

Thanks for Looking. 
If you have some time, why not see 
what the other participants came up with...
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Karin G said...

Beautiful earrings! I love to learn about the process to the end result, and those layered earrings are fabulous.

Cindy Martin-Shaw said...

Having time on your hands turned out to be a wonderful thing. I loved your comment about not being able to let something go that bugs you. I am the same way. In this case, the embossed pieces added such depth and visual interest. Absolutely love these!

Cindy Martin-Shaw said...

A question for you. . . Did you have to seal or coat the paper piece somehow?

Terri said...

Hi Cindy,I did not seal them as of yet but I will. I didn't want the reflection to distort the little bit of the pattern of the marbleized paper when I took the picture. I will spray them with a crystal krylon finish to seal them and see if I like that. If not I may use glossy accents or Vintaj sealer. Thanks for asking.

OksanaB said...

Love the design. I like that the color of the Czech rondelle matches the paper component. Cool!

gloria allen said...

I love how your earrings match the patterned paper. Love the movement and textures.

Tammy Adams said...

Your first design was lovely, but the re-do is a whole other level of wow. I love how you turned a little imperfection into something spectacular. Great work.

Katherine Thompson said...

These are beautiful! They should be mine because, well, I want them!! I agree the embossing made them complete.! Great job as always!

Cindy Martin-Shaw said...

Thanks, Terri. Your earrings will be such fun to wear!

Susan Delaney said...

Beautiful. Unexpected. Creative. Bravo.

Terri said...

Thank you, Karin, Cindy, Oksana, Gloria, Tammy, Katherine, and Susan....I appreciate all of your comments greatly!

TesoriTrovati said...

The shapes were pretty before but outstanding with the addition of the embossing and paint! Love it! Thanks for playing with me in the We're All Ears challenge. Check back on Friday, November 7th for the next one! Enjoy the day. Erin

Sarajo Wentling said...

Wow! I love that you actually used marbled paper in your design. And the embossed pieces are a great addition... I like that version much better with the added texture.

Terri said...

Thanks so much Erin and Sarajo. Your comments are very much appreciated!