Friday, November 21, 2014

Earrings Everyday ~ November Challenge

This short film was this months inspiration.
Found on a site called Art-Spire.
This is a Student film that left us wanting more.

I found myself wondering why the artist called this film Nebula.
Nebula.... from the Latin meaning cloud.
Regardless of what the artist had in mind...
there was so much for this months inspiration
that Erin selected to draw from.

I thought of the pewter wing charms I had
that were gifted to me.
I paired them up glass beads with the cool dots
and antique silver Tierra cast post earrings.
A pretty strait forward solution to the challenge.
And then I thought...
how could I do something that would remind
me of the lavender cloud ...the mist surrounding the creature?
I came up with these...
The frosty Czech lavender drops
 and flower spacers did it for me.

Here is the link for more information about the inspiration

and her is the link to the Earrings Everyday blog
why not see what the other participants came up with.


Fiona Robertson said...

Lovely interpretations especially the colour of the clouds on the second pair - wish I had thought of that! Great earrings xx

TesoriTrovati said...

There was so much to inspire in this short, wasn't there? I think you hit the nail on the head with the colors. The soft swirling tones of a cloud at sunrise. Lovely! Thank you so much for bringing this inspiration to life, Miss Terri! I hope you will join me on December 5th for the next We're All Ears inspiration! Enjoy the day. Erin

gloria allen said...

Fantastick interpretations, Love, luv the lavender

OksanaB said...

Love the designs! The dotty beads are so cool. Love!

Cindy Martin-Shaw said...

Those are beautiful wing charms, some of the nicest I have ever seen. Such lovely detail. They work perfectly with the details of the posts. The lavender glass really captures the clouds and mist in such a soft and lovely way.

Susan Delaney said...

Both pairs of earrings are just lovely. Bravo.

Alice said...

Beautiful earrings! I love the first pair with the dotted beads.

Niky Sayers said...

Those wing charms are really sweet, I can't believe that I watched the clip so many times and I still did not notice the beautiful lavender cloud until you mentioned it! Goes to show that we each see different things while watching the same clip.

Anonymous said...

Wings are a perfect theme for this film inspiration! The lovely lavender drops are a perfect answer to the magical mist. You were inspired!

Cindy Pack said...

Beautiful earrings! I can totally see the inspiration on both sets. I love the dotted beads! Really pretty! And very *magical! The lavender ones are really my favorite! The colors and shapes you have there are really captivating!