Wednesday, March 4, 2015

How to Train your Dragon Marathon

 I just adore this series. 
So glad to hear there is another movie in the works.
I decided to have few young ladies over for a
 How to Train Your Dragon Marathon.
Complete with Popcorn of course, Trivia questions
Split them into two teams like in the second movie...
Hic-Legs and the Snot-Nuts.
And instead of Simon says we played Stoic Says.
Last girl standing wins.
Well, actually everybody won a prize... 
made by me.
Here's the thing...I wasn't sure how they were going to 
go over with them...Cool? ...not cool.?
Oh they were all polite and immediately put them on.
 Okay, that's good for the day and then
 into the bottom of the jewelry box when they get home.
I had resigned myself to be okay with that.
Not the case.
Much to my surprise it was the opposite.
I saw one of the girls wearing hers a few days later
when a bunch of friends met for a project we had to do.. sweet.

Then I say this picture on Facebook 
of Taylor and her mom, Carrie, eating out somewhere
about a week later.
 Yep that's Taylor wearing the necklace.
Hard to put into just makes my heart happy!

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Katherine Thompson said...

looks like it was a fun night