Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pretty Palettes ~ July Inspiration

 Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis
The Aurora Borealis shimmers in the summer night sky in this picture from photographer Frank Olsen.
Photo by Frank Olsen

Northern Lights served as this months inspiration
All the shimmering details can be found here.

AB finishes are a perfect go to for this challenge.
 I decided to use the Halcrat beads I had on hand 
as well as some others that seem to fit the theme.
59530 - Purple glass AB - 4mm round
I know the slider bead is also a Halcraft slider
bead but I have no item # on that one.
I made two bracelets to compliment one another
with that bead stash..
Here is what they look like separated.
I wanted the multistand to represent the 
expanse of the norther sky.
it can be quite mesmerizing and I get a feeling of calm 
looking at the Northern lights. 
Hence the "Serenity" word link.
 I went with the Teirracast tree of life button
 for no other reason 
than there was one in Frank's photo.

I had time to make one more bracelet...
Image by Mike Taylor - Taylor Photography
If you have time, check out his short video 
This time I used these
Purple acrylic druzy metal  links #94115
that I recently found at Michael's.
I paired them with
Purple Iris faceted rondelles 6x8 mm
and Blue Iris Czech 4mm beads.
Want to see what the others created 
click on this link here.


Linda said...

I love your bracelets! The 2 purple/lilac ones look so pretty together or apart. Serenity is my favorite inspiration word, so that makes that bracelet extra special in my view. Druzies are perfect for this month's challenge, too. Great designs.

TesoriTrovati said...

A great set of stacking bracelets! I like that you put the tree in there... I really didn't even notice it! And it is such a serene and otherworldly experience to look up and watch these dancing lights. Thanks for playing along with me, Miss Terri! Check back on August 5th on the Halcraft blog for our August challenge! Enjoy the day. Erin

Alison Herrington said...

Lovely bracelets! I like the second picture you used for more inspiration of the auroras. The druzies really sparkle the way the lights do and that bracelet is fantastic !

Katherine Thompson said...