Thursday, February 16, 2017

Beads Received for the Swap

I received my beads that Carrie sent in
yesterday's mail,
for the BSBP Hoarders edition.
Packaged up so sweetly.
and with a cleverly written note 
which I will echo here...
 A little story of the focal bead is that it has
 been in her collection for 15 years.
Yep, that is some definite hoarding.
Treasured all those years and she chose to part 
with it for this bead hoarders swap.
It is a beautifully
carved peach aventurine mermaid.
She sent her along with some pearls 
to keep her company.
But feels this shy little lady will make 
friends with my beads 
in no time at all.
I did pull out some peach jade 6mm beads
 that seem to 
compliment her quite nicely.
We'll see.

She should be getting what I sent today 
and I will do another post 
about what I sent soon.

Thank You So Much Carrie!

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