Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Crystal, Beads & Ribbon... Oh My....

What to do with left over crystals from a chandelier...make an over sized book marker of course. I wanted it to look as if the beads were growing out and around the crystal and pearl. I love doing things that just come out of your head. No pattern needed. I also believe there is really nothing new under the sun. So perhaps I have seen something that was lodged deep in the recesses of my mind to inspired me. So to who ever you are.... thank you for the inspiration.
Actually, I'm thinking it would make a beautiful drapery accent.

This was a fun project and very time consuming. So I have not made another one. Just one of those whimsical moments Deb and I had at one of our Friday get togethers. You should see hers. Perhaps she'll post it when she sees this post and you can jump over to her blog and take a look. She is in my likable links under "it's all good".
More whimsical art to come I'm sure especially when these two minds get together.


Debra said...

Okay I did it...for you! I made myself nutty for a while trying to work with my crappy camera. However I should probably thank you for making me work with my iPhoto program........hmmmm, maybe later after I de-stress. (thank you)

Terri said...

Didn't think it was going to be a stresser...sorry about that....glad you worked it out. Now I have to check out your photo.

Had a stresser of my own today...not blog related...but I got that worked out. I just wish these things didn't eat so much of our time.