Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm On My Own

For awhile. This is the last digital collage image Gail at Creative Workshops guided us through to create. Which helped me to discover a couple of additional effects buttons and try them out. So I will take what I've learned and start playing with my Photoshop Elements 7 and see if I come up with any worth while creations. I will be sure to share them here. I am so happy I took this class. I would encourage anyone to take her class if you have either photoshop or photoshop elements. Especially if you are a newbie like me. Money well spent. Thank You Gail.


Lisa said...

You've done some great work in this class.. it's definitely on my list as I am photoshop challenged with zero patience to boot!

Lisa said...

hey terri.. your blog background has returned!!!!

Terri said...

It happened earlier that it came back. but didn't stay that way.
There may be something going on at the other end. Because I visited my friends blogs who got their backgrounds from the same lady and their's looked fine. Hopefully it will be a temporary glitch.

Thank You lisa, for your kind compliment.

Debra said...

I think its a blogger issue. Perhaps the same on that scrambled my posts?