Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Power of Prayer

I think a lot of you believe in the power of prayer. So I ask that you think of a stranger... to you ...but a friend to me and say a prayer for her. Her Name is Therese Howard and she is going to have reconstructive surgery on her right arm. That is her creative arm. She had a bad fall this winter back in January. We thought it may be broken but it was dislocated at the elbow. But being a the unique person that she is with a high tolerance to pain she popped it back into place. I know I have a low tolerance to pain and even writing that made me feel all squeamish inside.
What was unseen to the human eye was that she had torn ligaments in her elbow on both sides. A large tear on one side and a smaller tear on the inside. Did I mention she is a not much phases her. But she has told me what the surgeon has told her. This surgery is a big deal. She goes in this Friday. I know she's a little nervous about it.
Therese is one of the most selfless persons I know. And she is the primary care giver for her ageing mother. They are very close. My prayer is that she comes through it OK and that her concerns for her mom's need are met thus allowing her the time to heal properly and give her that peace of mind that she'll need. And that her husband helps out and is supportive. As well as other family member like her brother and sister.
Therese is home and doing quite well. It was worse than they expected when they got in and saw that the larger ligament was gone. So with holes drilled and pins put in and and taking from here to put over there. They put my friend back together again. The true test of the success of the operation will be the actual use of her arm after the cast is off and physical therapy is completed. I shared with her this post and she was deeply touched by your thoughts and prayers. So I will say Thank You on her behalf.


Debra said...

I am sure she will be fine. I hope she can take time out and rest, that her Husband and family help out with her Mom so she doesn't have that stress or worry. She is a nurse so she knows what she has to do to get better. She is in good hands, and she has you a good friend for support right?

Her Art Nest said...

So sorry to hear about Therese! I will be thinking of her tomorrow ...relax....she will be fine. Especially since she has a good attitude and she has you and family for great support. Take care. ~Nance

Anonymous said...

I'll send my prayers up right away. I hope all goes well for her and that she will have the necessary time to recooperate fully from the surgery. May God bless her and her family.


kari and kijsa said...

Hope all went well Therese's surgery, and she is out and already beginning the healing process!

kari & kijsa

Anonymous said...

What a brave lady and a super friend caring friend you are. My heart goes out to both of you..

Denise Elizabeth said...

Oh i'll be praying for her. Smiles and hugs Denise