Monday, March 15, 2010

Florals for a Beautiful Wedding

Stephanie & Pat Marchionda
Photo by Deb Abel
Steven and Debra Abel's daughter got married this past Saturday.
I am sure Deb (It's All Good) will be blogging about the wedding.
As soon as she recooperates.
So I will just share the portion that I had in contributing to the Brides vision.
 I was given the honor of doing the floral arrangements.
40 centerpieces, as well as 11 boutonnieres, 4 corsages.
We....Steph, Deb and I started last fall collecting just the right colors and types of silk flowers for the brides vision. Stephanie likes carnations, peonies, gerber daisies, hydrangeas and ranunculus. Good thing that we didn't procrastinate. Because nothing that is now currently available would have fit the bill. She wanted a soft antique feel with the accent color being a soft teal blue. Some of the flowers were too white. But a little tea dyeing took care of that.

I needed to get these done before I went in for surgery. This was a good thing in more ways than one. Stress is a big factor with any event and the more that is completed to everyone's satisfaction... One less item to stress over for me and the bride. And it was really important for me that she was happy with the work I did for her. Communication is key and I think we did very well in that area.
There was no way I could of done this after I got home from the hospital. Good thing too being that I had a few health set backs after my surgery with my back going out, to breaking out in hives (as much as I tried to keep my stress level down), toping it off by catching a head cold the week of the wedding. Nothing like having cement head. Which kind of explains me forgetting my camera the day of the wedding. I was really upset with myself for that one. I had to let it go.... nothing I could do about it. So here are some photos I did happen to take along the way.
The Brides maids bouquets stems were wrapped in the ivory ribbon and
then criss crossed in the teal ribbon.
The Bride's bouquet stems were wrapped in ivory ribbon as well but 
Stephanie had some teal satin fabric left over from her dress sash.
So she suggested that her stems be covered with it to match her dress perfectly.
Fab Idea! I added an accent of rhinestones near the bottom.
Totally forgot to take photos of that.

You can see the beautiful hankie and poem that
Deb made as favors.
Head table arrangement
These were taken the day before the reception
during the set up.
Thank You for giving me the privilage to be
a part of your joyous occassion.


Debra said...

Hello There, I am finally able to blog. The flowers were lovely Terri. All the hard work really paid off to make her day very special. From the amazing florals,all those embroidered hankies, to the last minute run to pick up 240 candles! Thank you so much for all your help and patience.

beedeebabee♥ said...

Hi Sweetie! Wow, how beautiful your designs are! I love everything in all your photos! The colors and flower choices are wonderful! I can see all the love you put into these beautiful creations! xo's Paulette

Lynn said...

Wow, amazing work Terri, you really did capture that vintage look, and I love the tussies you used, everyone must have been delighted, it looks like a beautiful wedding :)


wow girl! You have some talent. Well... I already knew that:) all the flowers you have created are gorgeous! I can see why you are so busy.

Pretty Things said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! WOW!

ANULAL said...

Hi Tia Terri,
It is amazing!! Truly. Nice pictures as well.

Janee said...

Wow!.... absolutely BEAUTIFUL! :)