Saturday, February 4, 2012

Creative Friday

It's been awhile Since Deb  
and I had a Creative Friday Day.
This by no means is to say we have not been creative.
We have. It's just the way life is sometimes 
with schedules and what not.
So we decorated boxes that we cut 
out using her Accucut dies.
She has a few box dies. (wink)
I made a bee box and a cupcake themed box 
to go with some pieces of jewelry I have for sale
in my blog shop.

  Cassanda's cake and cupcake collage sheet 
is what I used for this box.
 Currently not available on her Etsy.
Deb had the scrolly die .
 Don't know off the top of my head who makes it.
 Maybe she'll leave a message with that info.

Spellbinder oval and scallop dies were used for the window to accent it.
Prima leaves, golden silk flowers from my stash and 
Deb had the cream and golden honey carnation.
Got to get some more of those!
These are addictive!
Thanks Deb for a wonderful time!! 
And my extra bonus stamp I love it!
And the Pizza !
And yummy coffee!


Willnnabel said...

Lots of fun Terri, so glad we can use these dies. Great way to enhance those lovely bracelets, earrings, and necklaces you make. who wouldn't love to get something like this!

p.s. I believe the die was a memorybox

Caroline said...

Wow... I love the boxes.. especially the bee lady, perfect match for your bead work. Great to hear that you two have been crafting together... it's so much more fun :)

ANULAL said...

They are beyond the limits! Creative Friday-- cool Friday!!!!!! Such a charm to eyes..