Monday, February 20, 2012

Gotta Start Somewhere

These are the sorry results of my first attempt at 
lamp-work bead making.
I was going to title this post "Rabbit Pellets"
My bead results are no reflection of 
how much I enjoyed the class or our instructor.
I just had to get over my fears and  jump right in
with the glass color that was given to me.
Gotta start somewhere.
I have always appreciated the skills I knew it
took to create beautiful glass beads.
Now my understanding is at an even deeper level.
So today with one of the beads I had created
I made this bracelet.
I chose to surround it with complimentary
crystals and other lamp-work beads.
I can see a new addiction starting.
Thanks for looking.


Whymsicalmusings said...

How Neat! I love the braclet you made and believe me I know I couldn't even do half as good at making beads as you did. These are lots of fun!

ANULAL said...

They are not that bad Tia. Nice to hear about your new endeavours...
Have a great class Tia!