Friday, August 15, 2014

Golem ~ Spring Garden

I went on a mad hunt for these Mustard beads. 
A friend of mine that had 
purchased a necklace but needed earring to match.

Vintage 1960s Hard Plastic Beads Orange Ovals and Mustard Yellow Round beads

Vintage Hard Plastic beads from the 1960's
Purchased form ETSY  owner - Wool Mountain Destash

The mustard beads came with these 
tangerine orange oval beads.
I had not choice. I had to get them.
The mustard beads were just too perfect for my friend.
I'll admit I'm not a big fan of the plastic
but they were Vintage. 
and I didn't have the heart to through them away.
So out of her stash into mine they went.

As it turned out the oranges were a perfect match
for these Spring Garden beads
by Golem Studios.
 I like the scale of the beads together.
I'm so glad I held onto them. 
They worked out nicely for this bracelet 
and earrings.
Definitely something to wear for 
Spring or Summer.


Anu Lal said...

Love the colors!

Katherine Thompson said...

Orange is such a happy color but not easy to wear unless it's in a beautiful bracelet like this!

Terri said...

Thanks so much Anu and K.T.! I appreciate you comments very much!