Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sally Russik - Make a Statement Challenge!

Four times a year Sally will be hosting a 
Creative Jewelry Challenge.
The first being the 
"Statement Necklace"
Statement necklaces could be seen on many 
of the Starlets 
 at this years Oscars.
Hello Red Carpet !
Now to get he perfect dress and shoes.
This Butterfly Bubbly necklace was my back up plan
 to the one I had started.

I was going for a more causal
 statement necklace.
Started off with a porcelain dragon fly pendant.
The image below is what it was going to be... 
with  the pendant in the middle.
It's okay..I guess... a bit typical
Don't get me wrong sometimes typical is all I want.
Could I make it asymmetrical?
I'd need to drill a hole. I've never done that before.
Went online for some how to tips, purchase some diamond drill bits,
then I  jumped right in. It was going well until SNAP!
I broke the pendant....Rrrrr!
So I repaired it as best as I could. 
Other than the fact I know this pendant is now 
less than perfect...
I have to say I like the asymmetrical layout
 much better.
Looking forward to wearing it this this Spring/Summer.

Want to see more statement necklace creations 
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Shaiha said...

Both necklaces are smashing though I really like the dragonfly one. If you hadn't mentioned that it had broken, I never would have known.

Patti Vanderbloemen said...

There were some gorgeous pieces of art being worn by the "stars" at the Oscars this year! Love your pearl necklace! It's the fullness that makes it a Statement piece!

I cannot believe you dared to drill into that pendant - you are a brave woman! Nice save, too, as I cannot see where it was repaired! Those colors are so beautiful-love the different hues!

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

What a great set-up with the Oscar necklaces. I love both of your pieces and especially enjoy reading about the construction process of the dragonfly necklace - including the oops moment from which you recovered beautifully! The color palette of the dragonfly is so unusual and really gorgeous. Both are awesome statements!

Karin G said...

Both designs are fabulous, but I absolutely love the dragonfly necklace with all the shades of green, the multi strands and the asymmetry.

Elizabeth Bergesen said...

Oh man, I hate it when an experiment goes wrong. Both necklaces are absolutely devine and definitely red carpet worthy!

Therese's Treasures said...

Both of your necklaces are gorgeous and truly make a statement in their own right. I love the Dragonfly one, green is my favorite color. You really can not tell that the pendant snapped in half when you were drilling it. Oh and I agree with Patti you are a brave soul to have tried that.

Kim said...

I love both necklaces, and you are right, I really like the asymmetrical look a lot better. I'm glad you were able to fix the focal!

Susan Delaney said...


Sally Russick said...

Terri, both necklaces are fantastic! I don't work with bigger beads and components so I envy those that can. You definitely made a showstopper with the sparkly butterfly(love butterflies), gold and pearls. And I'm so sorry to hear that the pendant snapped, though from the photos I couldn't tell. I swear this challenge was jinxed! There were a few of us that either cracked, chipped or broke a bead! Your second necklace has such an elegant feel and I love the asymmetrical look!

Thank you so much for participating in the challenge and hope to see you in the next one!!

EB Bead and Metal Works, LLC said...

WOW - I love both of the pieces you created! I really love that layered look you got going on there! I also love that last piece and you really can't tell anything happened to the pendant! Beautiful work!

Alicia said...

Love your necklace - and I feel your pain, I broke many a pendants trying to modify them :) The soothing green and that peaceful dragonfly are so relaxing...

Niky Sayers said...

I love that you were brave enough to drill the dragonfly to make it work in your design, Sorry that it broke but if you had not said that it did I would not have been able to tell! I would have loved a shot of it being worn, defiantly a statement piece worthy of the Oscars!

Veralynne Malone said...

Beautiful necklaces! You can't tell that the one pendant is broken...and I really love the asymmetrical look. I sometimes feel like I get so bogged down in trying to get everything lined up. Excellent job!

Carol Briody said...

I love both pieces...but that dragonfly asymmetrical really is a winner! I don't see where it broke, only you will know the secret! Such a great color, too!