Monday, August 17, 2015

Personal Color Challenge

Sometimes there may be a certain 
subject matter
that I choose not to be inspired by.
For me this happens from time to time.
 When it does.... for any challenge... 
It's real simple...I just
don't participate that time around.
I can catch the next one.
sometimes I don't participate
 simply due to my schedule or lack of the right materials.
So with that said
Katherine and I decided we would do a 
personal challenge using this intriguing color palate. 
Muted Plumb and the Burnt Red 
were used predominantly in this necklace.
But you can see I managed to get that
 pale green, the dark mossy green
and a variation of the dull golden yellow. 
Thrilled to use up
 beads and findings from my stash!
If it hadn't been for this particular color palate
I may have never put this 
combinations of colors together.
I can see myself wearing it this fall.

1 comment:

Katherine Thompson said...

You did a great job with these colors. That purple was hard for me to love but if you look at my blog again you will see I added THE UGLY BEAD that you told me to hold onto and one day it would work well it did work but I think I'll keep it in my drawer for a little longer!