Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How Did You Know?

Have you ever wanted something and thought,
 " I would like to have one of those."
"I think I would use that."
So it was with my friends electric kettle.
Heats water up lickity split.
Then it seemed I was seeing them everywhere.
 BBC programs and Bollywood movies I was watching.
I must of been living under a rock.
Oh well...I guess in the end it doesn't
matter when or how you discover it.
So I started checking them out.
What style and features would I want to get ?
I happen to mention to Debbie that I would like
 to get one... seemed like a few days ago.
She found one at the Flea market hardly even used.
and it matched my (current) Coffee maker.
Lately, I've been draw to red appliances.
What an unexpected  swap. 
I had planned to gift her with some fall greenery
from my floral stash that she wanted for this display.
and  to surround a glass centerpiece
for her dinning room table.
(not pictured)

I had no idea that she had a gift for me too!
Hmm how did you know, Debbie?
It is just what I wanted!

I just Love it!!

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