Friday, September 4, 2015

Altered Keys

I've been playing around with
 Cabinet keys lately. Altering them
with what I would call Faux-nameling.
Because these are not done with the torch fired 
method to enamel.
Maybe some day I will get into to that but
 for now this technique works for me.
 Here I have glued two of them together 
to make one hefty pendant.
And if it flips to the other side no big deal.
 I like how the color variations give
 the keys a new look.
 The color combos are endless.
 These Pinkish ones remind me of Spring
This pair reminds me of  a Monet Painting
 These remind me of the Amazing Cosmos
 A serene Summer day!
A few of these babies are now listed
 in my Etsy Shop.

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