Friday, April 3, 2009

A Banner of A Swap

Lori of Lori Anderson Designs aka Pretty Things agreed to a swap with me. I would make a banner for her and she would make a piece of jewelry for me. Since my Business name is Blooming Ideas the summer bracelet she showed on her blog was perfect. It has a floral toggle clasp and accent green beads that are in my favorite shade of green. As well as beautiful lamp beads and dangling leaves. Her picture of the bracelet is pictured below.
Please visit her site to see more of her jewelry creations that she has for sale.
to get to her store link.
She was nice enough to send me pictures of her studio where she has painted the walls a lovely shade of periwinkle. Unfortunately I wasn't able to reopen them to recheck the color.
So her "Je Art" ( My Art) banner is as close as I could find in the periwinkle color.
She has an adorable little boy so I made sure to include some images of boys on the banner.
I also had a poster of sample hanwriting that I cut up and used as the background.
Something a little different from news print or sheet music.
Since she makes jewelry I gave it some bling with crystals, floral shaped rhinestones and pearls.
Perhaps it will coordinate with the chandelier she is looking for.
I was trying to track the package all week and getting no where. I was so nervous about it but I got the e-mail today from USPS that it was delivered today. So now I am anxiously awaiting to hear from her. But now I can post about it and not ruin the surprise.


Pretty Things said...

I'm giddy with excitement!

I'll be sizing your bracelet and getting it out on Monday!!!!

Denise Elizabeth said...


Oh thanks for the comment. You are so sweet. I know you gave me an award a while back. I just can't seem to get those done. I always love reading your blog. You are making blog banners oh I did that also for awhile. Yours is lovely. Denise

Denise Elizabeth said...

oops I ment the other kind of banner. Denise

Terri said...

I think I know what ya mean! Thanks

Her Art Nest said...

Pretty banner, Terri! You are so fortunate to be able to swap for this lovely bracelet. Very very cool.... ~Nance