Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stop Art Piracy

Renee of "The Chateau of Remnants" is my fan swap partner for the The Rococo Fan Swap hosted by the Vintage Rose. She asked me to be a contact on the flickr group...So I go over to flickr to figure it out. This part is all good. And has nothing to to do with the art piracy example that is below. It is just how I happened to be over there.....
But while I was there I checked out the other group I'm in about art piracy. And checked out this link which took me to the next link which took me to the next link. Oh my goodness. Shocking barely describes it. No need to leave a comment here. I just encourage you to check it out. The artist has since been stripped of the reward she received.



Ok this last link isn't working but the one above will get you there.


Debra said...

Wow, did this person think she could not only copy and claim credit but go public and still get away with it? Some people amaze me in their total lack of ethics.

Pretty Things said...

I just recently put some of Nick Bantock's art on my blog, but had at least two links to his web site and the entire blog article was about his book series "Griffin & Sabine". Even doing things like that make me worry that I've done something wrong. But I'd never steal someone's art and put it up to win an award!!! Good night!