Monday, June 9, 2008

Fantastic Weekend

June 9 TH already.... where did half the year go. I love summer !!!

I had a great weekend with an art group I am a part of. There is just 5 of us. We made a journal that one of the ladies designed for our monthly get together project.

We swapped our own version of altered hanging hearts as seen in the Altered Arts Projects paperback book. Our theme was flowers.

I have created a slide show of the ones we recently swapped and some others the we have made on our own. So credit goes to Deb Abel, Kim Baslock, Vikki Light, Nancy Van House and my self.
And when I figure out how to get better at this I will let you know who did what. I was just so thrilled I have a slide show. The idea of posting each picture was starting to over whelm me.

We also started doing Art Journals to share every month and to swap out and have some one else do a page for in our book as we do one in theirs. If we want. Some of us couldn't wait to swap others wanted to get into theirs a little more before doing a round robin.

I also completed Catherine Moore's Toy Theater Challenge featuring Marie Antoinette . Our Dead line was May 31ST. She is making a slide show so I hope to figure out how to add that slide show to my blog as well.