Sunday, July 20, 2014

Just Roll with it Babe!

Had fun making this for a friend who
 is slated for surgery.
Hopefully this will bring a smile on her face.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Today's Creation

Started on this months ago for the 
Jewelry Stringing magazine 
It just wasn't coming together the way I wanted it.
Needless to say I did not submit it.
 Today I got tired of seeing it laid 
out  on the bead board and some what put together.
I thought of the old  acronym
KISS ... Keep ISimple Sweetie.
(normally we say stupid but I'm tired of beating myself up)
So I took the the triple strand connector off 
the necklace and used it for the bracelet.
The remaining part of the necklace was done.
Just lying there for months... 
as if asking, "when are you going to finish me?"
I just changed the focal I had on it because it was whimpy.
I'm pleased with the change and I am even more pleased
 that  I can now clean up and put back 
all the items I had pulled out to make this.

Feel free to leave a comment
If not thanks for looking.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Just got a really cool gift in the mail today!
I'm like...I didn't order anything?
What could it be?
My friend Deb (aka my personal "mad tatter")
tatted these cuffs for me!
I Love them!
I have a silk suit jacket that these will look great with.

She had sent me a photo earlier of a cuff
stacked with a multi-strand leather wrap
bracelet. I said it was cool.
I had no idea she had made these.
Sneaky girl.
I still buzzing over these!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Michael's Design Challenge Blog Hop

 Heather Powers and Lori Eurto have partnered up to be
 the Hostesses of this 
Intrigued by the colors, the beads, and I wondered...
"What would I come up with?"
Got my friend Katherine to play along.
She started a new blog just for this challenge.
We made the mad dash to Michael's to buy these beads.
 (or a substitutes if our Michael's didn't have the ones listed.)
Everybody was to use the beads in the above picture, 
Adding two additional "kinds" of  beads 
and our own and a focal.
Then we could create whatever 
our heart desired.
This fabric was the inspiration for Heather 
when she picked out her beads.

 I found some window beads that were in the color palate
and ceramic green beads in different shapes.
The rest are from the list. 
The necklace focal was gifted to me by my Mom's friend Kay.
Thanks Kay!
My two additional kinds of beads are 
silver plated metal beads 
and a pale blue pear shaped Czech beads. 
Super simple earrings.
Still toying with the idea of adding the ribbon to them.
But I also like the idea of being able 
to wear them without the set. 
The "LOVE" link with crystals was purchased on a whim
from Aunties's beads.
Seemed a good time to use it.
I'm so happy that I used up most of the beads.
Just a few horn beads left, the white turquoise rondels 
and some of the green ceramic beads. 

 I made myself a bonus bracelet for the set. 
It's a hodge-podge of items. Love that little GG fish.
Great for that stacked look which I adore.
Thanks for stopping by and looking!
If you have sometime... 
check out and see what the other
 participants came up with using the same beads. 
What did they chose for their additional beads?

Thanks so much Ladies for the inspiration!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Faux Pandora Bracelet Fun

 One Baby Girl inspired
And one Teacher themed

Monday, July 7, 2014

Bead Score at Yard Sale!

What a great find! 
Former bead store Owners (now retired) 
had a Garage sale.
Selling typical yard sale items along with 
inventory that was
left over from their beads store. 
Jasper beads and pendant, 
smokey quarts, smokey crystals...
 were some of the finds that went into 
making this necklace.
I also enjoyed trying some more 
wire working techniques.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Chunky Love

Love the chunky bracelets.
 Had these Grace beads for a year or two.
Got the faceted Angelite Rondeles at a bead show.
The small fluted Czech beads were a nice clearance
find from Fire Mountain.
As it goes...(sometimes) 
when we are looking and working on 
something else an idea will pop into heads for
something entirely different that we are not working on.

Who am I to fight this form of creativity.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Now That I Put it Together...

...I want to take it apart.
Don't get me wrong...I like the items I used.
Well, I thought I'd share it anyway.
Don't be surprised if I cut it up and start over.
Here are two of the artist I used in this piece.