Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Something New...

to look at when you stop by to visit.
It's what you can do with left over beads.
Thanks for looking.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Items I sent for the Swap

So as I mentioned in the previous post 
I only took pictures of one pair of earrings.
(mine are the 2 in natural light) 
I neglected to pictures of the rest.
But Kashmira sent the ones that she took to me.
Birds of nature earrings
Wire wrapped floral earrings.
Made with silk and aged copper.
 I did take these in natural lighting
And a few bonus items

Bohemian style bracelet and earrings
Key chain.
Photo taken and shared by Kashmira.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Swap with Kashmira

My Bead Soup Swap partner, Sarah led to Link 
Challenge with Peggy that led to 
Kashmira and my paths crossing.
Check out a few of these coincidences between
Kashmira and my self. 
1) My blog and business is called Blooming Ideas. 
Her blog /store is called Sadafulee...always in bloom.
2) We both have had (currently in stores) and are going to
have (winter issue) a pair of earrings
published in
Jewelry Stringing Magazine.
Which got me to thinking...
since both of our blogs themes are related to flowers
 and we both are having a pair of earrings
being published.
Why not celebrate by doing  an earring swap!
With one pair having a floral theme.
The other what ever we wanted to do.
Kashmira likes the bohemian look. 
So I attempted doing that style for her.
I neglected to photos of mine before I sent them.
Well I did of one but totally forgot to
on the other items I sent.
She's going to take photos of them and share them with me.
I'll have to put those in another post.
Such a fun swap!
The earrings she made for me are just wonderful!
Thank You So Much

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fun in Frankenmuth

Spent the day with my husband's 
brother in law, both sisters and cousin.
His cousin and one of  his sisters 
(and her husband who is currently on a motorcycle road trip)
live in Ohio.
They came up for the weekend.
We took them to Frankenmuth. 
It was a gorgeous fall day
All the images below are courtesy of Google images.
Non of us brought our camera.
We Parked at Zender's
And walked past the covered bridge on our way to 
River Place.
At the River Place we strolled around and 
checked out some of the shops.
Our stomachs were telling us it was tome for lunch.
We went back to Zender's but with out making a
 reservation it was going to be quite the wait. 
We went to a place called Tiffany's. 
It is sort of  like a sports bar inside. 
Got to see some of the college games that were playing.
We all enjoyed what we ordered.
After lunch we walked around some more.
We ended our day at the Harvest House 
with a hot beverage.
I had a gourmet hot chocolate made with 
Ghirardelli chocolate.
What a great day it was to spend with family.