Monday, August 31, 2009

Now I Can Show My Swap Fan

All wrapped up in tissue paper and tied up with hot pink ribbon
Surprised her with a little container of flowers and brads
Made a cute little Marie tag
Made A card from the left overs
Hand punched paper lace
A little bling
Premade K & Co. Paper flower embellishment
I ended up putting an embellishment on the back of
this to cover up the bolt. Rat's I forgot to take a picture of it.
A little gold lace ribbon on the back

Yeah Renee got her fan from me and has posted photos on the flicker link.
So Now I can share with you what I made for her.
We have had too much fun doing this swap.

Rocco Fan Swap

Today I received a lovely package in the mail form my swap partner. Not only did she send me the fan pictured above that she created for me but she also included the two paddle fans seen pictured along with a cute card letting me know it only took her 3 times to get it right. Too Funny Renee since yours was the 4th one I made. I made the fabric one that I have already shared with you in an early post. I made a plum and green one that I have yet to finish. I made a cream and black one with an accent of pink and then I made Renee's using pinks and green. I'm hoping she likes it too. I'll be posting that one soon as soon as I know that she has received it. Thank You Renee for all your hard work. You can see how she sewed the paper on to each panel. And a very cool technique of using lace and spray paint for the back. The ribbon flower is out of this world cool. and I really like the ric rac in the back that holds it as it is fanned out. Please visit the flicker link to see some more of the lovely fans that have been posted for the Rocco Fan swap hosted by Vintage Rose Designs.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where is Punk Rose Journal?

On July 31st I received an e-mail about a blog I was following. Punk Rose Journal. I honestly didn't know who it was from and I opened it anyway because the subject sounded like the Punk Rose Journal I had visited and decided to follow. Thinking perhaps it was an e-mail from her. It clearly was not.
When I read that e-mail one of my reactions was that it was someone who had an ax to grind against Sherrie for whatever reason and what did it have to do with me. I didn't do anything about it other than to save it. I thought time will tell.
I would see her name in comment sections of other blogs I was visiting from time to time. Most recently in the Rocco fan swap I participated in. I couldn't help it. The red flag of caution had been planted in my head.
Today I was going to delete that e-mail but I gave it a second look. The July 31st e-mail was in all actuality a kind warning. When I rechecked the link, it had been updated from the first time I had checked it out. Time did tell. The blog: Punk Rose Journal is no longer to be found. The link above gives some details as to why. So I am passing the link on to you so you can decide for yourself if there is any credibility to this.
I'm now inclined to believe this warning. It is all too easy to hide who we are behind the pages of a blog. There are things we do to try to show we are sincere and yet still protect ourselves. The ladies who have set this blog up are friends and family members who have been victimised by this woman. So if she reappears they are helping others to know about it.
I'm not out to malign anyone but to use this as a reminder for us to use caution when visiting other sites.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Hosting My First Tag Swap

Image of Alice found online the background is from Itkupilli
Participating in Tag Swaps can be alot of fun.
Meeting new artists and exchanging our little works of art.
I'm Looking for 9 Ladies with blogs to participate plus me.
All ten of us will exchange with all that sign up.
I'm also looking for ladies that take pride in their work
and are excellent about deadlines.
I have listed several of the Alice in Wonderland characters to select from.
First come first serve but there are plenty yummy characters to choose:
Swap sign up is now closed. 8/29/09
Cheshire Cat...Me
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum...Nancy
Let's add these two chaps to the mix. You can picture them both or separate.
Once you have selected your character you can start
doing the research, Tim Burton, Disney, Traditional illustrations from the Lewis pick your image and papers and embellishments
I've chosen the Cheshire Cat.
My tag will be 3 1/2" x 6" cut out of mat board.
It will mostly be all the same with the exception of
perhaps switching up some embellishments.
Please make your tags 3 1/2" x 6" out of mat board or the like.
I would prefer that you do the same.
So no one will feel ...
"Oh, I wish I would of received that one."
Once the sign up is complete a deadline will be selected.
So we have plenty of time to put into these Alice in Wonderland tags.
Feel free to take the Swap Badge to put on your blog linking it to my blog.
Please e-mail me with your E-mail and
Snail Mail address information

Mad Tea Party Book

Here is a Peak at a book I've been working on for over a year.
I'm really close to putting it together...perhaps with all this
Alice in Wonderland interest
I'll wrap it up this year. Stay Tuned.
I posted this especially for the Alice in Wonderland Mail Art Group
I have been accepted to join.
I just noticed it has been set up for so long that I see I did not glue her glove on well enough.
I'll have to take care of that.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Little Visitor

My husband's wool blanket was airing out on the lawn chair.
When this little guy came to visit us today
and decided this would be a good place for a siesta.
But my IKO wasn't havin' it!
You won't see her but you can hear her hissing
and growling at the baby kitty....
Our wonderful neighbor's son Jake came over and got the kitty.
They will make sure this little guy will get a good home.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Lovely Wedding

My Husband's son Shawn got married this weekend to the love of his life Ginger. They had a very nice outside ceremony at Victoria Wedding Chapel with beautiful scenery and a lake serving as a backdrop as they exchanged their vows. Classic Black and White was their color theme. Everyone looked really sharp. The Bride and Groom just glowed with excitement and happiness.
The reception was held at the Comfort Inn. All I have to say is Wow! I had no idea the banquet areas were that nice. A tasty meal was served buffet style. Fresh fruit , salad, baked ziti, chicken, roast beef, roasted potatoes, baby carrots and rolls. The wine glasses pictured were filled with M&Ms some with the wedding date some with there name and others with pictures of them. A very nice detail. Also a bottle of sparkling cherry wine was at every table in addition to an open bar.
A DJ got all the dancing going after dinner was finished. Chip and I were called out to danced a slow dance since he was the father of the groom and we were able to squeeze in one more dance before the medication I took wore off. My endometriosis was in full swing and I needed to take 2400 of IB to get through the day. I just didn't want to miss the wedding. Of All the days to not bring my camera....what was I thinking....I wasn't. So perhaps when they come for a visit we get some copies of the pictures.
Chip and Shawn's mom never married. Which can make these types of events awkward. Neither Chip or I feel that way though and didn't expected any type of special treatment. Good thing too because we were seated the farthest away from the wedding party. And we were fine with it (but we did take note of it). By the end of the evening we made friends with the complete strangers we were seated with. It's just how we are and it seems how they are too which made it easy and enjoyable. Before we left for the evening we exchanged names and phone numbers. Come to find out they were like Shawn's family and were there for him through his growing up.
We wish Shawn and Ginger along with her young son Parker, and there new 8 month old baby boy Logan the best a family could hope for ... much health and happiness.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stop Art Piracy

Renee of "The Chateau of Remnants" is my fan swap partner for the The Rococo Fan Swap hosted by the Vintage Rose. She asked me to be a contact on the flickr group...So I go over to flickr to figure it out. This part is all good. And has nothing to to do with the art piracy example that is below. It is just how I happened to be over there.....
But while I was there I checked out the other group I'm in about art piracy. And checked out this link which took me to the next link which took me to the next link. Oh my goodness. Shocking barely describes it. No need to leave a comment here. I just encourage you to check it out. The artist has since been stripped of the reward she received.

Ok this last link isn't working but the one above will get you there.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Green Fan?

Hello.... Terri..... it's not all green.
Yeah I know. So why am I calling this a green fan.? Because 95 % of it is recycled leftovers from interior design jobs. It pleases me to no end when I can do that.
As you can see from a previous post I have entered a fan swap with Vintage Rose Designs and I thought how great it would be to do a fabric fan from recycled items. What could I come up with.

So I cut out my fan shapes from mat board left over from a framing job. Went though my dropped fabric sample books from Robert Allen. Checked my trunk of miscellaneous trims and what nots. Printed out an image of Marie Antoinette used K & Co.'s vintage paper frames and some rhinestones and Anna Griffin ribbons...the flower was one of the left over from a floral job. And the feathers were left overs from another project. It's rather simple but it all coordinated together pretty nicely.

The only problem is...which really isn't a problem at that the fan panels needed to be 8" in length for the swap and this one with the cording was a little over 6 1/2" shy of 7".
When you cut the little sample fabrics out that is pretty much all you have enough for.

So I went with pretty papers for the swap. I will show you the one I made for my swap partner near the end of this month or the first of September depending on how the mail goes.
I have a couple more fans that I'm working on that I won't be swaping. I'll show them in a future post.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do Flowers Have Meanings?

Apparently they do.
Here is a list of some flowers and their meanings.
Have fun picking the one that best describes you.
Or why not pick a bouquet.

Acacia ~ concealed love

Ambrosia ~ love that is reciprocated

Azalea ~ love and romance

Birds of Paradise ~ magnificence

Camellia ~ longing for you

Carnations ~ fascination

Chrysanthemums (Red) ~ sharing

Daffodil ~ unrequited love

Daisies (White) ~ loyal love

Gardenias ~ I secretly love you

Hibiscus ~ delicate beauty

Hydrangea ~ vanity

Iris ~ faith

Lilacs (White) ~ youthful Innocence

Lilies ~ purity

Orchid ~ rare beauty

Petunia ~ anger and resentment

Roses ~ love, always a good pick

Sunflowers ~ devotion

Tulip ~ declaration of love, a sign of a perfect lover

Tiger Lily ~ wealth and pride

Violets (Blue) ~ constancy

Thursday, August 6, 2009
You only have to make one fan to swap.
(If you want one of yours to keep then you'll have to make two.)
Deadline to sign up is this Saturday August the 8th.
Click on link for all the details!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Marie Tag Swap in Now Completed

Listed are the 10 ladies I swapped with of the 20 ladies that participated and added links where possible. Plus Deb Abel who I featured in a previous post. Thank You Le Vintage for hosting the Marie Antoinette tag swap. I've had alot of fun and have met some new really artistic ladies. Looking forward to the next one.

1. Teah unavailable and I have no e-mail...I got your tag 7/24/09 Thank You.
2. Missy Hollenbeck of Fairy Child Heirlooms
3. Mary Ann McKeating of Follow Your Bliss
4. Anita Van Hal of
5. Michelle Rae Schafer of the The Studio at Crow Haven Farm
6. Elaine Marchsi of Elaine at Home
7. Molly Pearce of Molly Pearce Blog
8. Becky Loyall of Whymisical Musings
9. Lori Henderson of Before the Stroke of Midnight
10. Tina Jensen of Tiny Bear
11. Debra Abel of It's All Good bonus swap.

My Marie images are from Itkupilli .