Sunday, August 30, 2009

Where is Punk Rose Journal?

On July 31st I received an e-mail about a blog I was following. Punk Rose Journal. I honestly didn't know who it was from and I opened it anyway because the subject sounded like the Punk Rose Journal I had visited and decided to follow. Thinking perhaps it was an e-mail from her. It clearly was not.
When I read that e-mail one of my reactions was that it was someone who had an ax to grind against Sherrie for whatever reason and what did it have to do with me. I didn't do anything about it other than to save it. I thought time will tell.
I would see her name in comment sections of other blogs I was visiting from time to time. Most recently in the Rocco fan swap I participated in. I couldn't help it. The red flag of caution had been planted in my head.
Today I was going to delete that e-mail but I gave it a second look. The July 31st e-mail was in all actuality a kind warning. When I rechecked the link, it had been updated from the first time I had checked it out. Time did tell. The blog: Punk Rose Journal is no longer to be found. The link above gives some details as to why. So I am passing the link on to you so you can decide for yourself if there is any credibility to this.
I'm now inclined to believe this warning. It is all too easy to hide who we are behind the pages of a blog. There are things we do to try to show we are sincere and yet still protect ourselves. The ladies who have set this blog up are friends and family members who have been victimised by this woman. So if she reappears they are helping others to know about it.
I'm not out to malign anyone but to use this as a reminder for us to use caution when visiting other sites.


Pretty Things said...

Woah. Scary in many ways.

Debra said...

I am surprised no one has tracked her through the web before. I mean if she has a criminal record or whatever. It is difficult to know who you are sealing with online. While I want ot think the best of everyone, it is difficult when the evidence appears to indacte otherwise.

Anonymous said...

trust me i am her uncle A family member such a pitty i almost feel sorry for her but like my mom and grandmother bestoed into me is that we shall reap what we sow and its harvest time.
if you have read the whole blog you have not even scratched the serface calll for more info should you like.
and put the word out to others too beware or they will end up taking a ride you cant get off...
care to all.

Sherri @ PunkRose said...

Do you think you could remove my photo and my name from your ugly post about me? You do not even know me. I don't know you. It's very easy to find me my dear, This ugly post does not go with your very lovely quote "To make a person smile or laugh in anyway is the goal I set for myself every day" - Thank you so much for your consideration in removing this post. Sherri Mitchell

Terri said...

It has been 5 months since I composed this post. I have been asked to remove it recently by Sherrie herself. So I am posting her comment. I will honor her request to remove her photo.
This post stands as to it's original a reminder to excercise caution in the cyber world. Not evey topic in life brings a smile or a laugh.

Terri said...

Update.... Sherrie has thanked me for the removal of her photo...but then shortly after doing this for her. She once again closed down yet another one of her blogs and shops.