Friday, July 29, 2011

Another Fun Banner

Some of the Supplies used:
Sizzix Banner die
DCWV Le Creme Paper
Black lace trim, Pale pink velvet ribbon
Pale Pink Ribbon roses
Pearl trim, Pearl & Black beads
Pale Pink Seam binding
Alpha Thickers, Black dauber paint
Gold Eyelets, Black Glitter,
French Script stamp by SU!
Pink SU! Dye pad
Tim Holtz Rosette die

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Request for Your Thoughts & Prayers

There is so much that is going on...
Death of loved ones, Floods, Natural Fires,Wars, Bombings
Missing persons, Murder, National Debt, Personal Debt,
 Depression, Work Place Stress, Pollution,
Cheating, Starvation, Gas Prices, Food Prices
Arson, Employment, Bullying, Theft, Health Care Concerns,
It just seems to go on and on....
Which brings me to Family Illness.
My Aunt has been diagnosed for the second time 
with breast cancer. She was in remission. 
But just for a 2 year period.  And It's Back.
This time it is a more aggressive kind.  
I know she and her family
would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.
Then she can stop by here and
read all your lovely comments.
Cancer is such a strange sell.
You can go along for years in remission
and then one day it pops it's ugly head up again.
Perhaps we all could say a prayer for 
those we know and don't know 
that are in need of support and strength too.
No matter what their particular circumstances are.
Whether it be a health issue or something else.
Thank You on behalf of my Aunt.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spider Web

The flood in Pakistan made millions of spiders seek higher anything. 
In this case Trees.
The flood waters took so long to recede that the trees 
were cocooned by the spiders.
 A blessing in disguise.
 It is thought that the mosquitos are getting caught 
in the spider’s web thus reducing the risk of malaria
This is one of the many photos that was passed 
onto me through an e-mail.
Which inspired me for whatever reason
 to write the poem below.

Spider Web

I don't think I shall ever see
A spider web spun by thee.

A web that sparkles like diamonds from the rain
Catches unsuspecting victims with little pain.

An instinctive talent they alone posses
Not much thought but oodles of finesse. 

Like little strands of steel none can compare
The spider's web so delicate and  fair.

Silken threads cast into the wind must land
So begins the task strand by strand.

Now I know I shall never see
A spider web spun by thee.
 Terri Hadji-Gauthier 
Spider web with morning dew

THE SPIDER THREAD —Photo by Akutagawa Ryunosuke

If this poem has a similar ring to it. It's because I used  Alfred Joyce Kilmer's poem "Trees"  as a model.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Marie Antoinette Fan a R.A.K. for Deb

This fan was done as a R.A.K. for Deb
I did it some time back.
Was cleaning up my photos and files 
on my computer and I ran across this
the with these photos I took of the Marie Antoinette fan.

The one below is one I started for me and have yet to finish
I did find some feathers that are the right tone. 
So this fan may finally get done!

 So why not share them both with you too.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Creative Friday

So I've had a late start to visiting all the blogs that signed up for 
Where Blogger Create.
Because that Friday I spent the day with Deb creating cards.
I wanted to play with some new images I bought from
I'm embracing and complaining all at the same time 
as to why it takes me so long to create.
So it took all day to create these two cards and to make a 
paper purse using one of Deb's new
Sizzix Pro dies
It's assembled and partially decorated.
I have to add a few more embellishments to it. 
So I'll wait until it is finished to post it.
 This was created for a friend who loves to fish.
This is for me to have on hand for any occasion.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create

Welcome to the 3rd year of 
Where Bloggers
Started by Karen Valentine our wonderful hostess of this Party.
The list of participants are on the side bar when you visit her blog.

Choice A) Scroll through the pics, leave comment,
and move on to the next blog.
Choice B) Linger a bit, look at the pics, read what I have written to describe the
changes in the room, leave a comment and move on.
Choice C) Click on the link to last years post and 
slide show. You'll actually see not much has changed.
Leave a comment and move on.
Choice D) Look and Leave 
Hey ! It's good to have choices.
So hold on to your hats 
because there has been some big 
changes in the ol' Art room....
 Let's start with Wire heart photo holder that doesn't have any photos
 I've decided to use it to hang my Charm swaps from it.
It used to be at the other end of the room
Stamp holder was made by my Dad for my Mom
to hold her craft paints.
I like it for my Stamps
 Ribbon change really.
They just have more ribbon in them.
 Deb's art work that was gifted to me was on the opposite wall. 
I decided it should be here on the shelf where the mannequin doll was.
I know...right.....big changes...
 This shelf was half way down on the cork bulletin board
 Not any it's over here.
 Plastic Drawers were on the adjacent wall.
Now there are where I can access them easily. 
And the green boxes moved here 
from their previous places.
I warned you....big changes! ;)
 I took down my framed grape illustrations. 
And picked up one 
more closet maid cubical and cloth bin.
 I like to hang the tags I received 
from tag swaps on them.
 Did I have those tassels on the Pie cupboard last year? 
Not sure. 
 See green shelf.
I think it was a good move.
 Here is where the Mannequin ended up along 
with the altered Sisterhood box and the chach-kies
that was on the green shelf.
 Just an over all view
 And this Spinning organizer was moved off the work table
 to where I could better access it.
 Over all view of the work space. 
This is actually the biggest change..
usually there is a ton of supplies 
and projects to be worked on.
So much so I can't even see the table.
Thank Goodness for Where Bloggers Create! 
At least once a year I make an attempt 
to get  more organized!
Thanks for Looking.
Hope you have fun checking out 
other creative spaces!
Blogs Visited Update: A's & W - Z's
B's, V's, U's & T's
C's, D's - G's, H's -J's
K's, N's, O's, Q's, L', P's
R's, M's
And Finally the S's and the Rest
Thanks to all of you who visited
and left such nice comments.
It was greatly appreciated!
See ya next year!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Altered Frame

Altered wood frame that holds a 4" x 6" photo.
 Started by painting the whole frame 
with a sky blue paint.
Then I selected a sheet of decorative blue paper 
from the 
Ella Blue paper collection by 
GCD Studios.
Added lace trims, buttons and paper flowers 
by Reflections,
Kaiser Craft pearl flourishes,
Accented the side and center with blue trim. 
Used pretty blue velvet ribbon around the outer edge,
EK Success - Remnants collection - 
Cream ribbon with metal plaque that says "joy"
Added a vintage photo.
Frame is decorated in such away
that you can still use photos that are either 
portrait or landscape

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Word Art

Wordle: Fabric 
I pasted in my blog URL and 
Wordle takes words 
from your blog and creates Word Art.
This was the easiest way to try it out.
You have some options to play with 
and you can type in your own random set of words.
You can change 
the direction....the font...the colors, etc.
So why not and go have some
Word Art fun.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Creative Friday & Saturday

It's been awhile since Deb and I were able 
to have a creative Friday.
House projects and other commitments.
But this past Friday we worked on 
some our personal jewelry projects.
After a run to Michael's and JoAnn's 
and a few other stops 
we grabbed a quick bite to eat 
and started playing.
What I didn't finish on Friday I finished up on Saturday.
Today Chip and I are having Jesse, Dorothy & Nita
over for a Cuban themed dinner.
I made Dorothy and Nita the same pair of 
earrings and bracelet.
I put them in these white organza pouches 
and added a stick pin to close it.
(these did not have draw strings)
I'll see if I can make something for Jesse too.
So no fighting you two. 

And I made a few things for me
 These are 4 bracelets with magnetic closures.
Just using up supplies I have on hand.
This set SOLD
Natural stone, metal bead spacers and 
glass beads with a toggle clasp.
Now I'm off to start that dinner.