Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soups On ~ the 3rd Reveal is here!

Soupe du Jour
Multi Strand
Lampwork - Chunky
Lampwork - Lite (for the dieters)
Seed beads
For the first piece
I used this amazing one of a kind 
focal by Princess Peggy
the lamp work beads the amethyst
 and purple round glass beads from 
the soup Sarah sent for this one
Then added items from my own stash.
As well as some of the purple glass leaves from 
the very first bead soup soup from 
Even 3 of my own sorry lampwork beads.
Used the floral toggle clasp for this bracelet
used the purple cord to make this one
used the magnetic heart clasp for  this bracelet.
With the 
Bonus Beads
 I made earrings and a bracelet

You'll have to read the previous bead soup 
posts to know how this happened.

Soup mix #2
Used The focal and the faceted carnelian 
along with items from my stash
Used the 3 strand box clasp on this one 
below and the red orange cats eye
 heart beads form Sarah.

Added  red coral beads and some others
from my stash of beads
So much to much to see.
I could of written more details about each piece.
But put a fork in me (spoon)
I'm done.
Thank You Lori 
for another 
Amazing Bead Soup Blog Party!
And all the work involved in the behind the scenes 
to get us all ready for the 
Bead Soup Reveals: 
 Un, Deux, and Trois
Thanks to my generous soup partner 
Sarah Goode
For the list of participants click on this link
 When you have time why not check out 
all the ladies who participated in the 
6th Bead Soup Blog Party!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pink Saturday

Happy Pink Saturday Everyone!
 Here is another
seed bead and jump ring bracelet tat I made. 
Presented on these funky pink dish washing gloves
This time I used a with a crystal toggle clasp
instead of a button
I recently made this bracelet for a graduation gift 
for a young lady 
who is creative and super sweet.
I hear she Loves Pink!
This is a little Butterfly book
I was fortunate enough to assemble 
at one of our MIABA
(Michigan Altered Art Book Association )
meetings a few years ago.
Gifted to us by the Uber talented 
Ingrid Dijkers
Can be used as a smash book or a 
journal or a mini photo album.
What ever she'd like.
It was just sitting there in my art room
I hadn't done anything with it.
Then I got this idea to put the 
young ladies face on it. 
Added some photos of her inside.
I'll be gifting this to her as well!
I think as a creative person 
she'll appreciate the work that went into it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Earthy and Floral

Ceramic Pendant and floral charm 
were gifted to me. I added
sodalite and new sea green jade beads with 
an antique nickle finish chain and 
toggle to completed the necklace..

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who's Up for a Second Serving....

...of Bead Soup that is.
Pictured below is what I sent Sarah 
as a Thank You 
for sending out a second soup.
The first one Sarah sent on the 2nd of July. 
It didn't arrive until the 30th.
Around the week of 23rd  of July
we started thinking it was lost.
So she sent another and 
 to be fair, I sent her a second helping.
We moved our reveal dates too. 
To the 3rd Reveal this Saturday the 25th of August.
Sarah wrote to let me know that her second soup 
arrived and she is very pleased with it.
She also mentioned that she's already 
made a few things for the reveal.
Sounds like we both have just a few 
more things to do and then we'll be ready.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bead Soup ~ The Reveal 1 and 2 links

6th Bead Soup Blog Party
Thanks to Tanya 
Who came up with a format 
that made it easier to navigate
 and  see all the participants.
Truly a labor of love.

And don't forget to stop back by 
this Saturday.
For the 3rd and final reveal of the 
Bead Soup Blog Party
hosted by Lori Anderson.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Charm Barn ~ Link Challenge

Yeah the reveal is here!
I added these flowers on a black satin ribbon
 and attached the links 
to make this black necklace.

Unfortunately I broke 4 of the links figuring out how they link together. 
I had two left over so I made a pair of fashion earrings.

Thank You so much Peggy 
for having this
Link Challenge idea 
and sending us the various links.
What a gracious and generous host.

Here is a list of all the ladies participating
 in the Link Challenge. 
To vote for your favorite piece. 
Please visit  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Last Bloom of Summer

This is the color Palate for this months 
Monthly challenge
I selected to use the blues and the brown.
Using some beads from Golem Design Studios -
deep chocolate brown with blue flowers,
blue aqua marine nuggets, tiger iron beads.
Chocolate brown ceramic saucer and 
pale blue ceramic tube beads.
A little wire wrapping along with 
misc. metal beads and pendant.
What a nice transitional color palate to 
move from August into September.
So I'll call this piece ...
The Last Bloom of Summer.
I can see my self wearing this with a nice 
white shirt in the summer.
Or a spicy cayenne pepper linen dress
for the fall.
Plans are in the works for a bracelet 
and earrings to go with this.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sod's Law

Sod's Law 
the principle that what can go wrong, 
will go wrong,
 usually with some observed degree of irony.
Also known as Murphy's Law.

And so it went with the bead soup that 
Sarah my bead soup partner 
was sending me 
from England.
Mine arrived to her in record time. 
Something like 8 days. Unheard of really.
After 3 weeks 
we were both getting nervous.
Starting to write it off as lost.
I was just going to make something up from 
my own stash and call it a day. 
But Sarah sent a second bead soup mix.
You can see where I'm going with this... 
The very day she sent the second soup mix
 was the very day that I notified her that 
the1st Bead soup had arrived.
4 weeks after she had mailed it.
Though we were both relieved that it had arrived.
Sarah mention that it was Sod's law.

Lot's to play with here!
 I'll see if I'll be able to get 
a necklace done in time for the last 
bead soup reveal using this second bead soup
using the metal focal and box clasp. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Custom Necklace

Completed this custom necklace yesterday.
My friend had purchased the bracelet and earrings 
at my recent jewelry open house. 
And wanted a matching necklace to go with them.
Fortunately I was able to remember where 
I purchased the coin lamp-work beads. 
And she fell in love with this donut focal
with that pop of green.
I'm so happy that she is happy!