Thursday, August 20, 2015

Earrings Everyday ~ August Challenge

These stunning photos of Antelope Canyon
served as this months inspiration.
For more details click here.
USA Antelope-Canyon.jpg
I tried to capture the striation of the 
Canyon walls and their free form shape
 by the beads I selected for this challenge.
What to do with that noticeable break in the
metal loop add a bit of wire wrapping.
Puffed rectangle Tiger skin glass and 
Faceted Czech Rondelles.
Lower antelope 1 md.jpg
Next I used....Striated Czech glass beads
 and gun metal findings.
To see more click on this link 

A Recent Request

Got a request yesterday from a friend
in need of  5 pair of flower earrings for her workmates.
Just using items I had on hand I came up with these.
I got them done later that day
I made 3 pair of the purple 
and 2 of the rusty orange.
Sent her an image of them in an e-mail
Her response back to me when she saw them
is copied and pasted here for you  to read...


No my name isn't
It must be an expression she uses.
Just does the heart good to help someone and
 in turn get an appreciative comment like that.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Personal Color Challenge

Sometimes there may be a certain 
subject matter
that I choose not to be inspired by.
For me this happens from time to time.
 When it does.... for any challenge... 
It's real simple...I just
don't participate that time around.
I can catch the next one.
sometimes I don't participate
 simply due to my schedule or lack of the right materials.
So with that said
Katherine and I decided we would do a 
personal challenge using this intriguing color palate. 
Muted Plumb and the Burnt Red 
were used predominantly in this necklace.
But you can see I managed to get that
 pale green, the dark mossy green
and a variation of the dull golden yellow. 
Thrilled to use up
 beads and findings from my stash!
If it hadn't been for this particular color palate
I may have never put this 
combinations of colors together.
I can see myself wearing it this fall.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Design on Dime

This Post is especially for the Brothers at Bethel.
I felt so privileged to be given the task to
update the stage area back in 2008-09.

Working with the already established color palate of 
Berry, Gray and Honey Oak and a modest budget 
of a thousand dollars,
 I started figuring what could be done.
With so much that was already Berry and Gray 
I decided to warm it up with the honey oak gold tones.
This is what the stage area looked like before and
 below is what it looks like after some of the changes. 
I tried to come up with something that would be 
classy yet contemporary because of the style of furniture.
Which was not in the budget to change.
I am happy to say we came well under budget 
due to the generous donations of
drapery hardware, sewing labor, and
installation labor of the curtain panels
and the hanging of the art work
from some very special people I work with.
(Not affiliated with our congregation.)
 This beautiful console table I had picked out
for the project was donate some time
later by a couple from our hall.
Over time I was able to make a few 
Silk flower arrangements for the stage area.
The yearly text sign was recently changed 
by the brothers
to accommodate the drop down screen.
 Also all the re-upholstery work was done
by two brothers at no charge.

There are a few more things I would like to do.
But that will have to wait.

Working with in the same budget for the
New Mother's room this is what I
 was able to accomplish with some help.

Like this Mural where the floor to
 ceiling bookcase and file cabinets once stood.
Leaving a very large blank wall space
 and no floor trim.

I suggest to the brothers I could do
a floor to ceiling mural.
That it would look more like it was planed that
way as appose to an after thought.
An art acquaintance, not affiliated with our congregation
 helped me with the mural and we were able
 to get it done in few days.
The brothers helped with cutting the wood trim
 which I custom finished to go with the
silver frames I had picked out for these 
pretty art prints a sister donated
I also gave this 
old brown baby changer a face lift 
and painted it to match the room.
another arrangement by me for the counter
to go with the art prints. 
Trees from the stage found a new home in  here.
Both of the rockers for the Mom's 
were also donated.

Jehovah provides.

I gladly donated all my design time and labor 
Seven years later and it seem to be 
holding up quite well.