Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Something New to Look At

Jewelee is modeling two 
of my latest necklaces.
Gunmetal beads, chain and filigree flower
accented with dusty 
rose pink beads, grey glass pearls,
and a black diamond crystal.
Thanks for looking!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Remembering Judy Glende

of Judith B Designs
Below is just one of the comments Judy left for me.
It is so encouraging to me as a newbie
 to the beading world.
I met her through one of Lori Anderson's 
Bead Soup Blog Party's.
And started to follow her blog.
I was just getting to know her,
 through her artistry and through 
shared comments by means of blogging.
Back in December she asked for our prayers
and then continued to share up dates. 
Unfortunately the Cancer won
March 14, 2012
and we have lost a very
talented jewelry artist.
Her family's loss...even greater.

My thoughts and prayers are with them.
Thank You Judy for all the encouragement.

Judy said...
How awesome are you getting to visit each blog! 
You certainly received some great beads and did 
even better things with them! 
I so love the bracelet,perfect for everyday!

A Conversation...

A simple conversation.
That is how the other light heart-ed post below 
about "I'm this and He's that "started.
And that is how this one started too.
A simple conversation between me and my hubby.
Today we had to go up north.
About an hour and a half from our house.
During the drive my husband was reminded 
of a place in Pleasant Lake.
He said," There was nothing to do but sit on a dock 
and dip your toes in water."
You could hear the boredom in his voice.
Photo from Super Stock
I find this amusing that he was bored. 
Especially coming from him. 
Since I've known him over these 12 plus years. 
Outdoor man that he is. He goes to the same 
State park every other day if not daily.
He was doing that before he met me.
I just asked him when did he start going to that park?
Answer: 1979.
If I thought 12 years of going to the same place was odd
try 33 years...like I said I was amused at his being bored.
It's his thing. He still always finds it refreshing
and has plenty to do there.
But then I thought of the stark contrast 
of the young children around the world.
Which is not amusing at all.
Images found through a 5 minute Google search
That it would be a welcomed pleasure for them
 to be able to say,
 "There is nothing to do but to sit on a dock
and dip our toes in the water."

Herringbone Wire Wrapped Bead/Earrings

Had fun playing around with this 
wire wrapping technique.
Decided last night to make a 
pair of earrings with them.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Earrings for Claira

Swarovski crystals and gold tone chain
is what I used to make these drop earrings.
These are special order from my friend Claira.
They were made to compliment a bracelet 
she purchased from another company.
I have sent her the photo of them
 and she can't wait to get them next week
at my jewelry open house.
Thank You Claira.