Thursday, September 24, 2015

ABS September Challenge Part II

I randomly won  a $20 gift certificate from
 Heather of Swoondimples.
You can find her beads for sale on Lima Beads
 and her Etsy shop.
 Life is a little crazy for Heather right now
 ...she is in the process of moving.
So there was a bit of a delay getting  the beads out to me.
So she generously sent extras.
She didn't have to but I'm so glad she did.
I had selected the love bravely bead
especially because of the neutral color. 
Sure that I would be able to use it in an 
upcoming ABS Challenge.
Here is the inspiration piece again
for this month
and this is what I created
The Gaea beads represent the reflection
 of the clouds in the pond.
the Czech glass rondells ...the water.
The ceramic red orange the curtains.
The silk green ribbon  the tree.
all of these surrounding Heather's lovely 
statement bead.


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How Did You Know?

Have you ever wanted something and thought,
 " I would like to have one of those."
"I think I would use that."
So it was with my friends electric kettle.
Heats water up lickity split.
Then it seemed I was seeing them everywhere.
 BBC programs and Bollywood movies I was watching.
I must of been living under a rock.
Oh well...I guess in the end it doesn't
matter when or how you discover it.
So I started checking them out.
What style and features would I want to get ?
I happen to mention to Debbie that I would like
 to get one... seemed like a few days ago.
She found one at the Flea market hardly even used.
and it matched my (current) Coffee maker.
Lately, I've been draw to red appliances.
What an unexpected  swap. 
I had planned to gift her with some fall greenery
from my floral stash that she wanted for this display.
and  to surround a glass centerpiece
for her dinning room table.
(not pictured)

I had no idea that she had a gift for me too!
Hmm how did you know, Debbie?
It is just what I wanted!

I just Love it!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Earrings Everyday ~ September Challenge

Earrings Everyday September Challenge was
 all about the line and movement.
You might want to hop over and check out
 the video for this months inspiration.
I picked the circular motion.
Who doesn't like hoop earring.
Hoop! Hoop!
Added these
Rhinestone heart sliders 
for the spot of light.
Curious to see what the other 
designers came up with

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September ABS Challenge

September ABS Challenge 
View of the Pond 
by  Vanessa Bell
She was taught by and admired John Singer Sargent.
I had the privilege of viewing his work 
many many years ago at the DIA.
To find out more about Vanessa and her influences
click here.
I was thrilled by the color palate of this painting.
Even more thrilled that I had some Art beads
 that seemed to go with the 
color and feel of the painting.
Suzi Q Bracelet bar and Gaea beads.
The Gaea beads  I used represent the pond,
the greenery, and the inside wall. 
Paired them with misc. Czech glass,
 faceted green Advent.
and antique brass findings.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Spring 2016 Color Forcast

What new Pantone Colors for Spring 2016
float your boat?

s/s 2016 women's art for trend theme: color bomb mood:

Friday, September 4, 2015

Altered Keys

I've been playing around with
 Cabinet keys lately. Altering them
with what I would call Faux-nameling.
Because these are not done with the torch fired 
method to enamel.
Maybe some day I will get into to that but
 for now this technique works for me.
 Here I have glued two of them together 
to make one hefty pendant.
And if it flips to the other side no big deal.
 I like how the color variations give
 the keys a new look.
 The color combos are endless.
 These Pinkish ones remind me of Spring
This pair reminds me of  a Monet Painting
 These remind me of the Amazing Cosmos
 A serene Summer day!
A few of these babies are now listed
 in my Etsy Shop.