Thursday, July 17, 2008

A Day That Went Well?

Is my cup half empty or is it half full? I had a job to do in Lake Fenton yesterday. Do you think I could find my keys? I even went to a friends house where I was last night .... after I took the spare keys to the car from my husband and the spare house keys from the stash of spare keys. So now I'm an hour late getting to the job. As I'm working you know in the back of my mind I'm thinking what did I do with those stupid keys. I know keys have no intelligence but I feel better calling them stupid...which really is just another way to say that's what I'm feeling like.
The job went well... even though I had next to nothing to work with to make amazing things. But like Bullwinkle says "watch as I pull a rabbit out of my hat"
As I'm leaving sunny Lake Fenton and approaching the Davison area I see the ominous sky. I wonder if it is raining at my place. As I get closer it goes from a spit to a sprinkle to rain. Well that answers that question.
I pull up into the drive...the garage door won't open. Great! I see there is a soaked package on the steps. When I get in to the house my husband greets me with the news that the power is out. Oh the package was a bunch of Hampton Art stamps.
So Chip aka hubby goes out to the local dinner to get dinner. So after dinner we listen to the radio...yep I had gotten the batteries for that. As we are sitting there in the candle light I said we don't have to sit her in the dark we can put the generator on. So we do that. The whole process went fairly smoothly. Only to find the whole basement was flooded with about and 1" or 2" of water. But we kept our calm and area by area piece by piece we threw things out squeegeed the floor hung things to dry.
So Is my cup half empty or is my cup half full. My cup is full. I had a job to go to and I have a wonderful husband. Things lost are things that can be replaced. I found my keys. I was fed and I slept soundly in my own bed.