Friday, December 19, 2014

Earrings Everyday ~ December Challenge.

Earrings Everyday had another amazing Challenge.
This months challenge was Anamorphic Art.
Erin has a very cool video on her blog.
If you have a moment check it out.
 I thought a lot about the movement and
 how to achieve it.
I have to admit time got away from me since
 I was working on some other creative projects.

I have an idea that I will have to see about doing when
 I get some time and the other projects complete.
So I went simple...
The first pair are actually  re-dos from the
 marbling inspired challenge.
Is it just me or do 
these remind you of the Olympic Rings?
Can you imagine a tiny Olympian 
on these rings doing dips, handstands, swings...
And then
These can be a  my other Olympians,
 waving their Silver & Copper ribbons
as they do their gymnastic floor routine.

Thank You Erin
 for yet another out of the box inspiration!

Why not see what the others were inspired to create!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


This necklace was gifted to me from 
Deb Abel of It's All Good some time ago.
A real favorite of mine.
She is stinkin' fabulous at Soldering.
Maybe I shouldn't reveal this but she told me her secret
for her soldering to turn out so well is....
 Practice, Practice, Practice! (wink)
 I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this
 Soldered "T" pendant charm 
that Kerry made.... 
As an Interchangeable piece for this necklace.
The swivel lobster claw let's me 
flip it to either side.
Win Win!
So now I can wear either one to match what ever
 I happen to be wearing at the time.
Isn't that simply Wonderful!

Delightful Winnings!

In October I participated in the Art Bead Scene
Monthly Challenge.
 and  I was one of the randomly drawn winners.
They have various sponsors every month.
I won a $50.00 gift certificate from
Kerry of
who specializes in handmade glass creations.
Here are some of the sample of her work:
Half  Moon Glass Dish
Gotta check her out

And here are all the items she sent me, 
which arrived in the mail today:
I can hardly wait to see what I will create with these!

Kerry is not only one uber talented lady
 but a great communicator and also very generous.
She sent me that Bee lamp work bead
 as a bonus for my patience.
So stinkin' cute
  I love it and all the Beads, Kerry! 
Thank You so Much!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

Welcome to Lori Anderson's 
Second Annual
This will be my first time joining.

For this Blog Hop I pulled out this 
Golem Studio pendant from my stash.
I think it is one of the pretties of the Golem Pendants. 
Even on sale it is on the pricey side for me.
So there it sat in my collection.
 I thought this Gaea Ceramic bead went nicely with it.
I got to the top of it with the knotting and then
 I couldn't decide how I wanted to proceed.
Did I want it hang from I long chain?
Did I want to add ribbon...hang it from some leather cord?
Scrounged around for coordinating beads...
I want them to be a supporting cast to the pendant...
not to over power it.
I found these coral cats eye beads.
 Hmm they might work?
 I only had a few since they were gifted to me.
The faceted green rondell cat's eye might work pretty good
 and a few of these Bronzite beads might just do the trick..
Based on these beads I went with a choker length necklace.
I love this chain too which I have also been hoarding. 
This seemed to be a perfect time to use it. 
The magnetic clasp makes it easy peasy to put on and off.
I could see wearing this 
with a nice crisp cotton collard shirt.

Please click on the badge in the right column
to see what others have been hoarding....

Sunday, November 23, 2014

ABS November Challenge

"Cattelya and Three Hummingbirds"
Painted in 1871 by 
Martin Johnson Heade
Served as the inspiration for 
Art Bead Scene monthly challenge.
I went with the softer hues of the painting.
 I finally used this lone C-Koop enamel bead.
Had it not been for this challenge... this bracelet 
would of never come into existence. 
I may have never thought to pair it up with
 these lamp work beads.
I like how totally by accident that the lampwork beads
seem to mimic the glow  
where the tree is and the Spanish moss. 
Just added a few Semi Precious round beads,
Ceramic rondelle beads and the oval Lampwork beads.
Miscellaneous Copper beads and findings 
helped to finish it off.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Earrings Everyday ~ November Challenge

This short film was this months inspiration.
Found on a site called Art-Spire.
This is a Student film that left us wanting more.

I found myself wondering why the artist called this film Nebula.
Nebula.... from the Latin meaning cloud.
Regardless of what the artist had in mind...
there was so much for this months inspiration
that Erin selected to draw from.

I thought of the pewter wing charms I had
that were gifted to me.
I paired them up glass beads with the cool dots
and antique silver Tierra cast post earrings.
A pretty strait forward solution to the challenge.
And then I thought...
how could I do something that would remind
me of the lavender cloud ...the mist surrounding the creature?
I came up with these...
The frosty Czech lavender drops
 and flower spacers did it for me.

Here is the link for more information about the inspiration

and her is the link to the Earrings Everyday blog
why not see what the other participants came up with.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Judith Billig Interview by Esfera

Give away, lampwork beads, glass beads, Judith Billig
Hop on over to read Esfera's  interview with
  Judith Billig
and there is a bonus

Winter Challenge

 another fun challenge for the month of November.
Winter Icicles have always been a childhood memory.
Houses seemed to be decorated with these frozen treats.
And when the sun came out they would glisten.
Relatively clean to us as kids...we would snap one off and lick them,
until Mom would come out and yell us not to eat them.
"They're Dirty!"
For this pair of earrings 
I went with wire wrapped teardrop forms 
using silver lined seed beads.
 Rock crystal chips and heart beads
 for the center drop.
 My attempts to be creative with the photography...
... was a hit and miss.
 I even tried placing them on the newly fallen 
November snow.
Well thanks for looking.
At the end of the month we'll be able to see 
what the other participants came up with.
Just hop over to 
Operation Tackle that Bead Stash!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sweet Winnings!

Back in October I stumbled on a new blog
Who does interviews with bead artists from time to time.
Such as Gaea, Kylie Parry, Linda Newman to name a few.
Last month it was Vlad and Kremena 
from Golem Design Studio.
And these wonderful artists contribute to
 a giveaway.
I was beyond thrilled to learn I had won 
Octobers  giveaway for a $25 voucher.
I picked out a pendant and 3 sets of bead to 
go with beads I already have from Golem.
There is a little glaze glitch on the pendant but
 I think that may just be part of the process.
I can hardly wait to start making something with these.
When I do
 I will share it with you all that visit this blog.

A Special Thank You
Esfera and Golem Design Studios!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Jet Black Challenge

Has a 
Bead Challenge.

We must use only opaque black beads.
Matte or Shinny are okay.
No  - AB, Silver lined, or other
 color finishes are permitted.
Clasps can be any colour
 but for this challenge things
 like spacers beads need to be black.
 I had these black matte Czech stud pyramids
 in my stash since last fall. 
I recently got the black matte O-rings 
to go with them.
The timing of this challenge was perfect!
  I would not procrastinate any longer.
Basic stringing with  Irish waxed linen.
 For my clasp I went with the Czech glass button and
added an accent of black silk ribbon.

I wear black quite often. Classic to causal.
This bracelet was easy to make and  has been
easy to wear with all of my black outfits.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thinking of You Cards

Plain Blank cards transformed into
Thinking of You cards.
Got out images I had printed for other projects
 and scrap bits of this and that.
Kept them real simple and flat for mailing.
Several years ago I had my motto  made into a stamp.
(Funny thing is I hardly ever use it.)
But it seemed to work for me here.

Now to get busy and send these out.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Earrings Everyday ~ October Challenge

Marbleized paper is this month inspiration.
 Here are two examples from 
two very talented ladies.
I happen to have some marbleized paper.
It was used to accent art work by a 
Custom framer that I know. 
I did this pencil drawing ages ago
 and had it framed.
I think this piece would be boring with out
the marbleized fillet.
Made this pair of earrings using:
 Recycled earring parts, marbleized paper
Czech rondelles and S.S. ear-wires.
Now the thing is when you get stuff done early 
you have time to see if there is something else you can do.
In this case the large crescent has a blemish.
How much did it bug me? What was I going to do about it?
Well, I made my decision. (about a week later)
I simply could not leave it as is. 
Embossing it seemed to be the right answer,
Added some paints and sanded it 
to expose the metal. There. The blemish is no more.
The earrings look a lot more interesting..

Thanks for Looking. 
If you have some time, why not see 
what the other participants came up with...
Over at

Friday, October 10, 2014

OCT ABS Challenge

"Autumn" 1944 by Milton Avery 
served as a inspiration and challenge this month 
over at Art Bead Scene.
I went with the color blocking and
a chunky style for this bracelet.
Echoing the big chunks of color in the painting.
My art bead is by 
Her polymer clay purple Acorn.
Mixing it in with an assortment of 
treated and non treated semi precious stones,
Czech glass bead, Tierra cast findings,
A nice orange lampwork bead,
silver plated metal accents and a touch of silk ribbon. 
I have a complimentary bracelet in the works.
Love the whole multi layered look. 
As soon as I get it completed I'll post it.

Check out the other entries for this month
 now on Pinterest

Friday, September 19, 2014

Earrings Everyday ~ September challenge

Erin's fascination of the the Macro world
and her own photos serve
as our inspiration this month.
The textures and the earthy colors are so appealing.
You can read more about it on her blog.
 So many directions I could have taken 
but I settled on these to represent
my own little macro world.
 Vintaj natural brass tag blanks,
Decoemboss die - Dragonfly pond,
and Vintaj paints.
Czech leaves and Czech caffe latte
groved rectangle beads.
Chrysolite opal Swarovski bicones.
Silver and gold plated wire.
I'm not particularly bothered by the mixed metal colors.
I rather like it.

Now why not check out and see
what the other participants came up with.

Monday, September 15, 2014

ABS September Challenge - My Second item

These are the items I had originally wanted to play with.
The Gaea Raspberry Jam Heart Pendant and Beads.
The earrings in the other post
 were a fun way to get my feet wet with this palate.
The scale and color of the natural stones 
worked nicely with the Gaea beads.
And while I was rummaging through my Vintaj, 
copper and antique brass findings I came across 
the scrolly copper rose bead.  Had to use it!
I had two of them....
Unfortunately I broke one trying to make
 the holes larger for the 18 gauge wire. 
Oh well.... asymmetrical it will be.

Monday, September 8, 2014

ABS's September Challenge

Margaret Macdonals'd
"The White Rose and The Red Rose"
Serves as the inspiration for this months
Art Bead Scene Challenge.
This what I created last night.
I made my own earring finding/charm.
I cut out these brass triangles and then embossed them
with the 
Sizzix - Decoemboss die - Cherry Blossom Garden
Used alcohol ink - Current, then sealed with 
Vintaj sealer. 
My goal was to echo the translucency of the 
Red Rose ladies dress.
I was also drawn to the textures 
on the upper corners.
I also liked the accent of 
little blue beads in the painting.
The cube bead picks up a golden mossy green hue 
of the White Rose Ladies dress.
The bell flowers, although not roses help give it 
that feminine touch. 
I really like the fact that these earrings would not have 
come into existence with out this challenge.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

ABS Challenge for August

This is the inspiration for this Months ABS challenge
We were encouraged to stick close to the palate.
To use the bright red, purplish red, and dark yellow sparingly.
 I dug through my stash to see if I could play along
and this is what I came up with.
My art bead is a Kylie Parry Ceramic leaf.
Which echos the leaves in the painting.
I don't think the Unicorn bead counts as an art bead..
but it was a good time to use it.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Earrings Everyday- August Challenge

Amazing thread sculptures by the talented artist Gabriel Dawe.
Here is just one of the many images we had for 
our August Inspiration
The prism rainbow with string is brilliant! 
This is what I created....
Mimicking many of the colors.
Made my own ear wires this time.
Why not check out the other participants 
and see what they came up with for the
Earrings Everyday August Challenge.