Friday, December 19, 2014

Earrings Everyday ~ December Challenge.

Earrings Everyday had another amazing Challenge.
This months challenge was Anamorphic Art.
Erin has a very cool video on her blog.
If you have a moment check it out.
 I thought a lot about the movement and
 how to achieve it.
I have to admit time got away from me since
 I was working on some other creative projects.

I have an idea that I will have to see about doing when
 I get some time and the other projects complete.
So I went simple...
The first pair are actually  re-dos from the
 marbling inspired challenge.
Is it just me or do 
these remind you of the Olympic Rings?
Can you imagine a tiny Olympian 
on these rings doing dips, handstands, swings...
And then
These can be a  my other Olympians,
 waving their Silver & Copper ribbons
as they do their gymnastic floor routine.

Thank You Erin
 for yet another out of the box inspiration!

Why not see what the others were inspired to create!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


This necklace was gifted to me from 
Deb Abel of It's All Good some time ago.
A real favorite of mine.
She is stinkin' fabulous at Soldering.
Maybe I shouldn't reveal this but she told me her secret
for her soldering to turn out so well is....
 Practice, Practice, Practice! (wink)
 I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this
 Soldered "T" pendant charm 
that Kerry made.... 
As an Interchangeable piece for this necklace.
The swivel lobster claw let's me 
flip it to either side.
Win Win!
So now I can wear either one to match what ever
 I happen to be wearing at the time.
Isn't that simply Wonderful!

Delightful Winnings!

In October I participated in the Art Bead Scene
Monthly Challenge.
 and  I was one of the randomly drawn winners.
They have various sponsors every month.
I won a $50.00 gift certificate from
Kerry of
who specializes in handmade glass creations.
Here are some of the sample of her work:
Half  Moon Glass Dish
Gotta check her out

And here are all the items she sent me, 
which arrived in the mail today:
I can hardly wait to see what I will create with these!

Kerry is not only one uber talented lady
 but a great communicator and also very generous.
She sent me that Bee lamp work bead
 as a bonus for my patience.
So stinkin' cute
  I love it and all the Beads, Kerry! 
Thank You so Much!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

Welcome to Lori Anderson's 
Second Annual
This will be my first time joining.

For this Blog Hop I pulled out this 
Golem Studio pendant from my stash.
I think it is one of the pretties of the Golem Pendants. 
Even on sale it is on the pricey side for me.
So there it sat in my collection.
 I thought this Gaea Ceramic bead went nicely with it.
I got to the top of it with the knotting and then
 I couldn't decide how I wanted to proceed.
Did I want it hang from I long chain?
Did I want to add ribbon...hang it from some leather cord?
Scrounged around for coordinating beads...
I want them to be a supporting cast to the pendant...
not to over power it.
I found these coral cats eye beads.
 Hmm they might work?
 I only had a few since they were gifted to me.
The faceted green rondell cat's eye might work pretty good
 and a few of these Bronzite beads might just do the trick..
Based on these beads I went with a choker length necklace.
I love this chain too which I have also been hoarding. 
This seemed to be a perfect time to use it. 
The magnetic clasp makes it easy peasy to put on and off.
I could see wearing this 
with a nice crisp cotton collard shirt.

Please click on the badge in the right column
to see what others have been hoarding....