Friday, April 26, 2013

Bead Soup Reveal #3

Thank You Pamela
for a really fun and challenging
 bead soup mix...
with it I was able to create the following...
Now, let's break it down a bit...
I used the focal and toggle I was sent.
Adding beads from my stash.
I like the word beads because it says
And I truly appreciate what you sent me.
My Bead Soup commitment is now completed.

You can stop here if you wish and move on with the hop.

Or check out what else I did with Pamela's soup mix...
I made this bracelet with the wood beads.
Rubbed them with golden gilders paste
 for a little more metallic sheen.
The clear AB beads were used in this necklace.
Along with pink crackle beads and a focal 
I was gifted by my Mom.  
We can call this one Pink Bubbly.
[Good for a  "Pink Saturday" post too!]
This stretch bracelet was made after 
I created the set below.
I used  the hematite beads and a left over Verdi bead.
Added a few antique brass beads 
to help tie it in....
with this necklace and matching earrings. 
I was able to use the  painted metal dough nut,
 gold tone rose beads,and Verdi ceramic beads
(which was a spot on match to the ones I had in my stash).
Added African brass beads, filigree medallion
 and antique gold tone chain.
 I'll call this next one, Serendipity.
I had just taken advantage of a sale
and purchased these the minty lampwork
beads and leaves.
 A challenging color for me but the price was right.
Then to my surprise in my bead soup mix...a stretch bracelet
....minty pearl chips.
A perfect match!
Could I have taken apart the stretch
bracelet and gotten more creative?
But it works for me the way it is with
the small addition of the set of leaves.
and a pair of earring to match.
Here are a few last minute items I put together.
So what's left from my soup....not much.
I gobbled it right up!
 A few more of these Bi-cone beads
 and the Jade flower beads are all that is left.

I'm so glad I started on my soup straight away.
Or it may have been that I had nothing to show you.
Much like others I have visited, the unexpected happens.
For me it was the death of my beloved Iko kitty,
and then a week later the sudden death of my older brother.
My creativity was zapped. Didn't want to do anything.
But my inner voice said, "Let your Yes mean Yes."
Thankfully, I am not without hope.
Though my heart is aching....
 I'm moving forward.
I dedicate these creations to them.

(Being in the last reveal was a help too.)

A Special Thanks to Lori Anderson. 
Our lovely hostess.
Another great blog hop.
She is amazing and soldiers on despite her illness.

Why not check out what the other participants did.
Just hop on over to Lori's blog for a complete
list of each of the reveals.
#1, #2, & #3

Here is the link to the 3rd reveal

Thanks for Lookin'

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Beads Soup Blog Party is on!

I won't be posting until the third reveal date. 
I plan to visit as many as possible. 

Here is a link to the list of the those in 
the first reveal

the 2nd reveal

UPDATE 4/2/2013
From Lori our hostess
Due to completely unforeseen circumstances (well, maybe not unforeseen, but I am not able to conquer this latest bout of illness very well) I would like to please (OH pretty please) postpone the 2nd and 3rd reveal by a week. That means if you are set to post this weekend, you post on the 13th and if you are in the 3rd reveal, you post on the 20th.
Update from Lori 4/17/2013
Once again -- I'm very sorry.  This blog party is the one thing I think I bring to the beading world, so to postpone it not once, but twice -- well.  I wouldn't unless I had to, and I am so very sorry I have to.
Let's hope Lori feels better real soon! 

So it looks like my reveal date will now be on the 20th,  
Hope you come back then. 
And visit the other ladies to see what 
they created with their soups.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Sweet Kitty Bracelet

Sold the first one.
Used up what I had on hand for this one.