Sunday, July 24, 2011

Spider Web

The flood in Pakistan made millions of spiders seek higher anything. 
In this case Trees.
The flood waters took so long to recede that the trees 
were cocooned by the spiders.
 A blessing in disguise.
 It is thought that the mosquitos are getting caught 
in the spider’s web thus reducing the risk of malaria
This is one of the many photos that was passed 
onto me through an e-mail.
Which inspired me for whatever reason
 to write the poem below.

Spider Web

I don't think I shall ever see
A spider web spun by thee.

A web that sparkles like diamonds from the rain
Catches unsuspecting victims with little pain.

An instinctive talent they alone posses
Not much thought but oodles of finesse. 

Like little strands of steel none can compare
The spider's web so delicate and  fair.

Silken threads cast into the wind must land
So begins the task strand by strand.

Now I know I shall never see
A spider web spun by thee.
 Terri Hadji-Gauthier 
Spider web with morning dew

THE SPIDER THREAD —Photo by Akutagawa Ryunosuke

If this poem has a similar ring to it. It's because I used  Alfred Joyce Kilmer's poem "Trees"  as a model.

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ANULAL said...

WOW! though the pictures are a bit scary for me, for I am scared of spiders, the poem tops it with a soothing effect. Jai Ho!