Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create

Welcome to the 3rd year of 
Where Bloggers
Started by Karen Valentine our wonderful hostess of this Party.
The list of participants are on the side bar when you visit her blog.

Choice A) Scroll through the pics, leave comment,
and move on to the next blog.
Choice B) Linger a bit, look at the pics, read what I have written to describe the
changes in the room, leave a comment and move on.
Choice C) Click on the link to last years post and 
slide show. You'll actually see not much has changed.
Leave a comment and move on.
Choice D) Look and Leave 
Hey ! It's good to have choices.
So hold on to your hats 
because there has been some big 
changes in the ol' Art room....
 Let's start with Wire heart photo holder that doesn't have any photos
 I've decided to use it to hang my Charm swaps from it.
It used to be at the other end of the room
Stamp holder was made by my Dad for my Mom
to hold her craft paints.
I like it for my Stamps
 Ribbon change really.
They just have more ribbon in them.
 Deb's art work that was gifted to me was on the opposite wall. 
I decided it should be here on the shelf where the mannequin doll was.
I know...right.....big changes...
 This shelf was half way down on the cork bulletin board
 Not any it's over here.
 Plastic Drawers were on the adjacent wall.
Now there are where I can access them easily. 
And the green boxes moved here 
from their previous places.
I warned you....big changes! ;)
 I took down my framed grape illustrations. 
And picked up one 
more closet maid cubical and cloth bin.
 I like to hang the tags I received 
from tag swaps on them.
 Did I have those tassels on the Pie cupboard last year? 
Not sure. 
 See green shelf.
I think it was a good move.
 Here is where the Mannequin ended up along 
with the altered Sisterhood box and the chach-kies
that was on the green shelf.
 Just an over all view
 And this Spinning organizer was moved off the work table
 to where I could better access it.
 Over all view of the work space. 
This is actually the biggest change..
usually there is a ton of supplies 
and projects to be worked on.
So much so I can't even see the table.
Thank Goodness for Where Bloggers Create! 
At least once a year I make an attempt 
to get  more organized!
Thanks for Looking.
Hope you have fun checking out 
other creative spaces!
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K's, N's, O's, Q's, L', P's
R's, M's
And Finally the S's and the Rest
Thanks to all of you who visited
and left such nice comments.
It was greatly appreciated!
See ya next year!


Holly Loves Art said...

Your creative space is wonderful! I love your heart photo holder. I have on that is similar and I hang all my favorite necklaces from. It works great! Thanks for sharing all your pretty pictures.

Tina said...

very cool space - this is my first time playing and I think I shared a bit too much - but at least visiting all you seasoned bloggers and all your spaces makes me want to re-organize and clean up

well - if you have time visit my blog and see my clutter

have a great weekend
embellishments by tina

Anonymous said...

I love your space and the collections of bits and bobs that you have :D Especially those little wicker acorns and your wire heart. So pretty! Thank you for sharing!


Debra said...

Very Nice Terri, and loving the new cubbies on the wall. So organized you just dont want to disturb it right? Yeah I know,,,

Leanne said...

Last year I didn't even clean off my table. This year I did! (I didn't take any closeups though....)

Rebecca said...

Awesome space my friend. LOVE LOVE LOVE all the new cubbies. You are truly an artist.


marie said...

Great space. I love the wire heart and your pie safe is beautiful!

Thanks for sharing...and for the choices!

Karen Valentine said...

Hi Terri! Thanks so much for joining the party! I really enjoyed the tour of your cute studio! It's so much fun to see how everyone organizes! Have a wonderful time at the party!!

bertie said...

I love your sense of humor in your post and I wonder how many of us cleaned up areas by moving one mess to another area in the room? I know I did! Thank God for this party or I would still not see the floor! Thanks for sharing a great post and keep changing it up...hope you will stop by and visit my studio...and leave a comment!

Pretty Things said...

Oh, you know I love your work! And you'll see YOUR art in my studio showing, too!!!

stephanie said...

I am so enjoying visiting all the wonderfully creative spaces like yours! Just inspiring...

Cheryl De Beer said...

Hahahha don't give me choices, I had to follow all of them. Love your space.

Claudia said...

I really enjoyed seeing your spacel Your pie cupboard is gorgeous, by the way. Thank you for sharing your studio with us.

Susanne said...

Great idea to hang the swap tags on the front of the cloth bins! I'm with you about cleaning up our space when company's coming, in this case Where Bloggers Create!
Have a fun weekend!

The Painted Garden said...


So nice to meet you and tour your charming crative space. I love the way you display your work area and especially LOVE the wire heart.

Thank you for sharing your lovely space.
Have a fun creative day.

ANULAL said...

Tia Terri, I do not want to participate in the party. I may not be able to make it to the US, so soon. ;) But I would like to leave this comment.I loved these pictures. I don't want to call them 'super cool'. Because 'super cool' simply means 'super cool'. These picture are beyond that. Aha!! My personal favourite? guess which. ;)

Twyla and Lindsey said...

What a great work space! Thanks for sharing it with us. Have a nice weekend! Twyla

Celestina Marie Designs said...

Hi Terri,
You have an awesome space for creating. Love all your storage and the pie cupboard is fantastic.
Thank you for sharing.
Hugs from Texas, Celestina Marie

PaisleyPeacock said...

Terri, I could get lost in there looking at all the beautiful creations....:)

kluless said...

A wonderfully inspiring art room - thank you for sharing!

Celia said...

What a wonderful, creative space you have!

Kit said...

I have the Closet Maid cubical too! I just love them. Your space is great! Thank you for visiting my blog too! Kit

Lori said...

Hi Terri,
Your room is very nice! I laughed when I read how you made such "big" changes. So did I! LOL! I move something a few feet from where it was and then move something else to that spot, etc. It all depends on my mood and how I want to access it. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, A Scrapmom's Musings.

Homemaker Ang said...

Thank you for stopping by!

I kinda blew it with "Where Blogger's Create" as I never posted my creative space as I got to busy :) oops!

I love your space and love your blog
God Bless!

romance-of-roses said...

Very pretty room and a delight to see. I like the wallpaper with the bamboo, I have china just like that.
Your work space is wonderful.

Creative Grammie said...

What a great work space you have. You're one talented artisan, your projects you shared with us is amazing.
Thanks for the tour of your studio and thanks for sharing your artwork.

Sara said...

gorgeous studio and I love those ribbon holders. I am following your blog now, its wonderful. Hugs Sara

ANNE said...

I love how your wallpaper gives the space a conservatory feeling... am looking forward to exploring your blog some more to see your creations!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

So much fun packed into your space... :-) LOVE being able to see supplies.... There's no way I could have shown all mine.... they are in about six different places. ;-) And truth be told... I do a LOT on my kitchen table.

Warm blessings,

Beth said...

I love the cozy feel of your room. The palm tree walls are a nice look. Yes, it is so great to have the WBC party to help get us back in order. It was so nice to visit today. Thanks for sharing.

Maggie said...

Loved peeking inside your creative space. I like how you have all the swapped tags and goodies hanging up for inspiration and smiles. This blog tour is taking over my life this weekend...I've only gone down a small portion of the list, then start skipping around...and then I can't remember where I have and haven't been! All so inspiring, though. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the kind comment!


The Feathered Nest said...

I love your studio Terri!!!! So much goodness all around! I think it's so inspiring to display other's artwork around your studio ~ it always makes me smile to see that own something that someone else made. My table stays the same way, filled with pile of goodies and then I end up with a 12" x 12" square to work in!! Thanks so much for stopping by to see my space, hugs and love, Dawn

Deborah said...

Love your space with all the little ribbon holders, the pie safe and the art everywhere. I am with you on the once a year thing LOL


Thanks for sharing your lovely space, full of treasures and things. I like that you have a lot of storage and cabinets and shelves. This is fun getting to see every one's "play room".

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

Thankx for dropping by my place and I enjoyed my visit to yours. Love your space and especially the wire heart. Very nice.
Dawn @alteredartists.blogspot

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great space, Terri! Lots of eye candy here! I love to see what bloggers repurpose for the storage and organization use. Lots of great ideas!

The French Bear said...

Hi Terri, thanks for sharing your space, sure have great ideas for storage and I love those tags!! Ha ha, I agree, if you sign up for this at least we have to do some tiding up!!!! I am still making my way through the list, wow, lots of neat ideas!!!
Margaret B

Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I chose (B) ;) LOVE the pie safe! But I think my favorite thing in your studio is the nifty stamp storage....that's awesome!!

The Greeley Girls said...

Love your space and your card making! Thanks for commenting on our new blog. We will check in often
to get insiration!

Fran. said...

Thanks for sharing your creative sapce and for stopping by mine! This has been fun hasn't it? I love the way you display the things in your room. It looks very organized!! Take care, and have fun creating!! XO Fran.

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

hah...I spend most of my time moving stuff from here to there and just turning in circles. I like your changes, sometimes you just have to try a new layout to see if it works.

Annette said...

Hi Terri, Love you space. It seems warm and cozy. I love your pie cupboard. I dropped into your shop also and loved it. I am a new follower :)
Thanks for visiting my space and leaving a sweet comment.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for popping by my blog... I loved visiting yours. Such cool stuff and great work.....

fairyrocks said...

Love your space, it just has such an exotic mysterious air about it.
Very tidy too!!!
Love your wallpapered walls and your pie cupboard. Terific board full of wonderful treasures.
Keep smiling and creating

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies and Heartful Creations said...

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for being drawn to my altered book giveaway, I will have more giveaways so check back now and then. I love your wire heart, I wish I could come across something like that! Your space looks great and after the weather cools down I'm going to take over that family room instead of a nook and crannie for Grannie. Check back next year if Karen holds another one and see what I end up doing, It will probably take me the year! lol. I love everything and isn't it about the fun, so much fun to get creative space ideas! Have a fun and creative week, love it all! Hugs Marilou

trash talk said...

Change is good! It's the Oil of Olay of life!

Anne said...

Thank you for sharing your space and for visiting mine. I love that big armoire of yours - so much storage space!

Happy creating!! said...

I know just what you mean, the annual event is a great excuse to get organized and clean up the desktop!

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Beautiful...your space is gorgeous and so very charming...i love the pie cupboard..and those tassels hanging are adorable! Thanks for this wonderful tour!! Shine on!

Anonymous said...

I am inspired to dedicate space to display items I've received in swaps!

Artfully Musing said...

What a lovely space Terri! Laura

Pam said...

Your space is great - love all your BIG changes! I'm constantly tweaking too, and your changes seem to function better and still look great! You are cranking through the list girl - I've got to get busy, or I'll never catch you!

Natascha said...

What a great space and greatorganizing ideas. I love the pie safe. What a great tour!

Peggy Montano & Paintings said...

Thanks Terri for visiting my studio and leaving a comment. I am late visiting all of the wonderful sites including yours which is really a pleasure. You show your creativity in such unique ways.

Marianne said...

Your space is wonderful....but your blog is fantastic. Love your cards. I also like how you are working your way through the a not in order kind of way.

Petite Michelle Louise said...

your space is filled with a whole lotta treasures i can see! much to look at! i wanted to say "merci" for stopping by to visit MY studio and for leaving such sweet compliments! :)

Tamatha said...

I love your custom stamp storage! Thanks for the tour and for stopping by my blog. I hope you will come again!

missshawna said...

Love your space. Your pie safe is just amazing. I can't believe you got the whole table cleared off.Nice job!

Vicki said...

What a great dedicated space. Love that pie safe and all your creations and swaps displayed. Nice job clearing off that table! xoxo

Donna said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog!!!
I love your ribbon holder and the wire heart!! Tell me how the charm exchange works?

Char said...

Major items in a space may not change from year to year, but I think we are probably always making our creative places evolve over time. I think your space is very special and I love the way you have your wooden stamps showcased. They are all right there to see and use. Mine are in a box, so I think that is going to change.
Thank you so much for the share, it's all lovely, Char

Jenelle said...

Terri-What a beautiful space! Love your banners! The theatre on top of your bookcase is amazing. Love how you display and store your ribbon stash.
Thanks so much for the tour!

Fa La Vecia

Anonymous said...

I love your space ( I keep repeating myself)Another wonderful Aladdin's cave. I am not surprised you are so creative. And there is so much inspiration for me to take away:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Your cards are awesome.

Kerryanne English said...

Hi Terri,
A beautiful,creative and inspiring work space. Thanks for the tour.
♥ Kerryanne

Terry said...

Hi, Terri! I love the little acorn baskets. Are they full of ribbon too? Thank you for sharing your space.

Hayley said...

Thanks for visiting my space. I am just getting started looking through everyone else's. How inspiring to see other people who love beautiful things and are always looking for ways to make their worlds prettier. Looks like you've always got something in the works in your lovely room. Hope you're having a good week...

Sandra Kaye said...

Thanks Terri for stopping by my blog. And i'm crazy about all your supplies. I think I need to go shopping!!:):):) See ya , Sandie

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: I love your craft room. It looks like so much fun. Your banners are great. I am going to try to make one. I am not as talented as you are. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

Laurie said...

Thank you so much for visiting my creative space! I love yours -- it's cozy and warm-feeling, and you give yourself lots of table space for your creations!

Nook & Cranny said...

Great space. I love the use of the wire pie display and the acorns, love it...
Thanks for touring my creative space.

Rita Barakat said...

Wonderful space - your banners are adorable!!!!I can't wait to add character to my scrapbook room - thats the best part!

Liz-Anna said...

It's all new to me cause I didn't get to every blogger's space last year. So thanks for sharing yours even if the changes aren't huge cause you have some great ideas here!

Sherry said...

So many wonderful things to look at. I love the banner at the top of this post, I keep saying I will make something like that someday. I have had a great time visiting I love the creativiy you use when organizing your studio, love the ribbon storage and the heart card holder. I have gleaned many ideas for ways to repurpose items, thanks for letting us visit your studio.

Linda Carole Bloom said...

Oooo, love your pie cupboard! Love, Linda

Kathy said...

What a fun and beautiful studio! Thanks for visiting mine. It looks like a wonderful place to create in and your jewelry and stick pins, flowers and other gorgeous creations are to die for! Simply lovely!

Magic Gypsy said...

Great studio! I love the corkboard filled with tags.

Diana said...

What a lovely studio. I love your ribbon holder. Off to look at your pictures again. TFS your beautiful space.

Jo said...

You have been busy! I love your spinning organiser. Thanks for the tour.

Maddy*Moo said...

Thanks for sharing your space and visiting mine. You have such lovely storage and I love the boards you have tags up on etc. Happy creating. x

Anonymous said...

Hi Terri,
Thank you for visiting my studio and leaving such a nice comment. I am always redecorating. That is part of the fun. Love your space and your cards are beautiful.


NanE said...

What a great space. There is much to see, that I'm lingering awhile. Thanks for sharing, Nan

. said...

So much to see and discover in your space, looks like you really enjoy it in there (having great "me time")... Great space! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment, always a treat to read what others think.

Happy creating and blogging,


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your creative space, I enjoyed my visit. Thank you also for visiting my space, it means to the world to me:)