Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Do Flowers Have Meanings?

Apparently they do.
Here is a list of some flowers and their meanings.
Have fun picking the one that best describes you.
Or why not pick a bouquet.

Acacia ~ concealed love

Ambrosia ~ love that is reciprocated

Azalea ~ love and romance

Birds of Paradise ~ magnificence

Camellia ~ longing for you

Carnations ~ fascination

Chrysanthemums (Red) ~ sharing

Daffodil ~ unrequited love

Daisies (White) ~ loyal love

Gardenias ~ I secretly love you

Hibiscus ~ delicate beauty

Hydrangea ~ vanity

Iris ~ faith

Lilacs (White) ~ youthful Innocence

Lilies ~ purity

Orchid ~ rare beauty

Petunia ~ anger and resentment

Roses ~ love, always a good pick

Sunflowers ~ devotion

Tulip ~ declaration of love, a sign of a perfect lover

Tiger Lily ~ wealth and pride

Violets (Blue) ~ constancy


minnamarika said...

Thank you Terri for sharing this "flower language" as we say in Finland! I love it!!

Have a sunny Wednesday!

Mar said...

i like that..flower language

it seems it doesn't matter which flower is chosen the message stands to be beautiful
as the appearance of the plant

hmm except petunia
who would associate anger to a flower?

your picture is lovely!

ANULAL said...

You mean the Victorian floriography! Cool.

Jan Mader said...

Love you blog and ideas! When I saw what all the names of the flowers meant it made me think of other kinds of creative writing exercises!

Please come see me often. I'll follow here and be back lots too! Jan