Thursday, August 6, 2009
You only have to make one fan to swap.
(If you want one of yours to keep then you'll have to make two.)
Deadline to sign up is this Saturday August the 8th.
Click on link for all the details!


TinyBear said...

Hi Terri
I´m so glad I got to know you too. Thanks for correcting my typo - I´m still having a hard time writing in another languase :D
Have a lovely day.
Hugs, Tina

Rebecca said...

Hi Terri...Oh I can't agreen more with your Post on my blog! When you find it, clean it, repair it, paint it, love can you not then LOVE IT?

Thanks for visiting! Love your great and the music is awesome!


Dave Huddleston said...

Thanks Terri for your nice comment about my watercolor. We artist types live for those pats on the back...( certainly not the money )!!!

Renee said...

Terri you inspire me with your words and no expiration stamp. I see why Debra loves you.

Love Renee xoxo