Friday, October 5, 2012

Swap with Kashmira

My Bead Soup Swap partner, Sarah led to Link 
Challenge with Peggy that led to 
Kashmira and my paths crossing.
Check out a few of these coincidences between
Kashmira and my self. 
1) My blog and business is called Blooming Ideas. 
Her blog /store is called Sadafulee...always in bloom.
2) We both have had (currently in stores) and are going to
have (winter issue) a pair of earrings
published in
Jewelry Stringing Magazine.
Which got me to thinking...
since both of our blogs themes are related to flowers
 and we both are having a pair of earrings
being published.
Why not celebrate by doing  an earring swap!
With one pair having a floral theme.
The other what ever we wanted to do.
Kashmira likes the bohemian look. 
So I attempted doing that style for her.
I neglected to photos of mine before I sent them.
Well I did of one but totally forgot to
on the other items I sent.
She's going to take photos of them and share them with me.
I'll have to put those in another post.
Such a fun swap!
The earrings she made for me are just wonderful!
Thank You So Much


Manoel Carlos Alves said...

Passei, vi, li e gostei do conteúdo desse blog, parabéns! Aguardo a sua visita em meu blog;

Kashmira Patel said...

Oh hey, just saw this post! Have been away from blogger for a bit.

I loved everything you sent me, and the flower theme definitely challenged me :) Thanks for playing with me :)