Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Aint No Cold Turkey!

These three turkeys all in a row decided to pay us a visit today. Much like the deer a few weeks ago they cautiously came right up to the deck. Perhaps they were fascinated by my flash from the camera that kept going off with each photo I took from inside the house. Such strange looking birds. Then they just moseyed on over to our neighbors property.
For you bowlers out there... I hope you caught my bowling reference in my lame attempt to be witty.
For those of you who may not bowl.... three strikes in a row is called a cold turkey.


Mar said...

good thing you told me..!!.i didn't get the reference
i don't bowl
but great picture of the critters!

we have them everywhere...
seems to be a resurgance of them
(not sure i spelled that right)


Debra said...

Gosh Terri your neighbors are such turkey's, you were so right about them. Nothing at all like those "deer" folks that stopped by a few weeks ago.

(I told you I would come over to help "clean" them up for dinner....)

Terri said...

You slay me!