Friday, October 23, 2009

My Swaps for Lynn

Lynn got her swaps today! Yeah!
I can now reveal what I did for her.
This is Lynn's Photo of the tag I made for her
It is way better than the photos I tried to take of it.
This is the front side of the tag that I had previously teased
Lynn with. We chose to do Vintage Girls.
What's the "L" for you ask? Well in this case...

"L" is for La in Ooh La La,
"L" is for Lynn,
and "L" is for just Lovely.

And as I mentioned before Lynn wanted to kick up the swap a notch
with doing something else to swap.
So we agreed to do a small painting for each other.
Mine is 5" x 5" she's did a 6" x 6".
So we went with the Suzi Blu inspired technique.
Putting our own spin on it. (minus the Terri water mark)
So when I showed this to my Mom. She really liked the painting.
I made a print of her and as I mentioned in the Salvation Army .
I found a wood frame and I painted it up
and made some cards and a key chain.

This now sits proudly on my Moms shelf that my Dad made for her in her craft room.
Thanks Lynn for a really terrific swap! And I'm glad our paths have crossed other wise I would of missed out on meeting a very generous and talented artist.


Lynn said...

Beauty, beauty, beautiful and they are both mine now :) I just love the eyes on your girl and her little chin, forgot to tell you that before. I keep finding more and more I like LOL, and I can't wait to show my daughter, she is coming home tonight.
Your mom must be so happy to have a print of her in that beautiful frame, you put it together so nicely :)

Lynn Stevens said...

you both did such a wonderful job with your swap! Its so nice to be able to share your talents!

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Both the tag and painting are absolutely stunning Terri!! Such a lovely swap between friends! You and Lynn are so very talented!!
Hugs, Carol Anne

Tracy Suzanne said...

Hi Terri. I just left Lynn at Her Creative Spirit and just had to come tell you how much I loved both your painting and tag. They're both just cuter than I can say, wait...they're Cotton Pickin Cute...ha..ha.

Oh how I wish I could draw and to create such beautiful faces would be so wonderful.
Have a lovely weekend...Tracy :)

Moniqui said...

The tag and painting are both lovely!I really like the pretties you put on the painting!

whymsicalmusings said...

OH my goodness as always just BEAUTIFUL!!!! And the painting! WOW! I love everything you do:)

penny patten said...

Very sweet, great job!