Friday, May 11, 2012

China Painting Inspiration

When I saw these ceramic beads that Kay had sent to me. 
I immediately thought of Deb. 
Who has done beautiful china painting in the past. 
So I got to working on a design I was hoping she would like.
Collecting just the the right beads to compliment the ceramic beads..
Loving the ruby agate I found on Auntie's Beads.
Thanks to my friend Katherine who had 
the larger sizes of the lime green pearls. 
Now I was finally happy with the bead selection.
Deb's has had a lot on her plate for the past few months.
So when she stopped by for a quick visit today
I thought this might cheer her up!
I think it did. After figuring out the magnetic clasp 
she put the bracelet on and modeled it for this photo.
A perfect fit!
Here is a sample of her china painting. 
She had gifted me this delightful cup and saucer set 
some time ago.


ANULAL said...

who is wearing this lovely bracelet?
The bracelet looks very much like your mom's gift, correct?

Terri said...

Debbie is wearing the bracelet. Similar style to the other bracelet but different colors. Thanks for stopping by Me Ho.

Willnnabel said...

Thank You again for the lovely bracelet Terri! Yes it was a wonderful surprise. I love it. Your work is so polished and the attention to detail, makes it a cut above the rest. I am in awe of your ability to choreograph beads, chain, and lovely bits into such unique pieces of wearable art. Your pictures do not do justice to your work :)